nani IRO Birdie Sling

I’m a bit embarrassed. I just looked to see how long ago it was that I made my last Birdie Sling Bag and it was just about two years ago. This is mostly embarrassing if you could see the state that the bag is in right now. The handle has almost disintegrated for starters and it’s rather faded and quite dirty. I use my Birdie Sling every day, I can’t seem to live without it. I’m a little surprised it’s taken me this long to make a replacement Birdie, but I’m rather picky about my fabric choices for this bag.

I have yet to show you, but I made a pretty skirt out of this same nani IRO fabric. The more I looked at it, the more I thought it would be an awesome Birdie Sling. For the last few months I’ve had a piece just waiting to find it’s matching handle & lining fabrics. With all the fabric coming through the doors of the workroom right now, I can’t believe I didn’t find a match sooner.

Sunday afternoon, I had a sewing date with Katherine who announced she was making a Birdie Sling for our upcoming trip to Italy. Drat! I wanted to make one too. I had no choice but to shop my stash at home and find something that would work. I ending up deciding to just use a stripe fabric I got at Sultan’s Fine Fabrics (meant for a dress) as just the bands and using the same nani IRO print for both the body of the bag and the handle. For the lining, I used a Japanese fabric I bought at Fancy Tiger when we went to the Makerie.

I always add an inside zippered pocket to my Birdie Slings. I like to have a secure area. Especially when traveling. Check out our Birdie Sling class photos for more inspiration.

Katherine & I are headed to Italy to go to Squam Italia. We’re going early to tour around since neither of us has been there before. If anyone out there has any favourite places to stay, eat, drink, shop, buy fabric, taste wine or anything we shouldn’t miss – we’d love your suggestions. We’re flying into Rome, then heading North to Siena, then Florence, then over to the east coast to a small town called Morro D’Oro for Squam. We leave on Monday. EEK!!!

nani IRO Birdie Sling

nani IRO Birdie Sling

nani IRO Birdie Sling

nani IRO Birdie Sling

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  • You’re going to love Italy so much! I would say you need to go to the Uffizi in Florence, but the line up *might* be crazy. If it is, just spend the time walking around Florence instead, I say, it’s SUCH a beautiful city. That said, DEFINITELY climb to the top of the Duomo. It’s a good workout and *so* worth it when you get to the top. Have an amazing trip, you guys!

  • You’ll love Italy. I’m flying to Florence on Sunday for a 10-day trip round Tuscany including Siena. It’ll be my fourth trip to Italy, but never to that region. I’ve loved everywhere I’ve been so far including Rome and the best advice is to just go with the flow. Drink in the history, food, wine, atmosphere … it’s all intoxicating! My recommendation for Rome – book to visit the Vatican museum in advance online to skip the queues – the place is mind-blowing and you’ve got to see the Sistene chapel. I’ll second Laurie’s recommendation too – we’ll definitely be visiting the Uffizi next week in Florence.

    Have fun!

  • Have a great time! We loved the J &J Hotel in Florence, and La Giostra restaurant (owned by a prince!). Ofcourse this was on my honeymoon 12 years ago! Not exactly hot off the press.

  • Love this bag and look forward to meeting it and you at SquamItalia, enjoy your travels!

  • Your bag is lovely! I just used that same Hokkoh fabric for a blouse earlier this month –
    Have fun in Italy!

  • Oh my goodness, that looks like an absolutely amazing retreat! I have been in Italy just once (for an conference in Bologna, 2008) and took some extra time to explore Venice — which I adored! You’re going to an area I haven’t experienced first hand, so no tips — just good wishes for a fabulous trip!!!

  • There’s a beautiful paper store in Rome, near the Pantheon; lots of Italian papers, but more notably, handmade journals floor to ceiling.
    Also, I highly suggest that you try a Roman hot chocolate (it’s practically like drinking a melted candy bar). And, for lunch, go to a deli and order an arancini (a giant fried rice/sauce ball with cheese inside).
    Lastly, the church of Santa Sabina is simply beautiful. I remember an orange grove in the courtyard, and a undisturbed view of the city at sunrise. Happy travels!

  • I never pictured making a birdie sling until seeing these fabrics. It’s a great combination. Someone from Fendi is going to stop you on the street in Italy and beg you to stay there!

    Have a wonderful time xo – CA

  • Hi Karyn: In Rome I’d recommend dinner at Osteria del Pegno, off the Via dei Coronari near Castel Sant’angelo. The chef/owner lived in Montreal for many years and loves Canadians. He came out of the kitchen and introduced us to Limoncello after our meal.
    Also, the Uffizi in Florence does have long lineups but you can book a time, stroll around the neighbourhood and come back.
    Vivian recently posted..It’s a small thing but I appreciate the way the early…

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