Leah's Vintage Dresses

I just might be close to catching up on all my posts from the last few weeks. Last week was our first ever trunk show that was rummage only. We weren’t too sure what would happen, but it was such a fun event!

It was a gorgeous, sunny fall day and so many people dropped by to check out all the rummage and snap up great deals. I had one piece of rummage that day, a pair of vintage boots that didn’t fit me properly. Sweet Anabela kindly hosted my boots in her trunk and they sold!

Claire gifted me a super cool vintage tin as a birthday present (Thanks Claire!) and I picked out several black & white photos from Grant’s suitcase. A crazy bargain at $.10 each!

Thanks so much to everyone who brought out their awesome rummage and all the shoppers who came and took it away!

Dana's Trunk

Claire's Trunk

Vintage Tin from Claire

Vintage Black & White Photos from Grant


  1. those 10 cent photographs were incredible, so incredible that I need more!! I wonder if he’ll have them at any other places around the city…

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