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Hi friends! It seems I took a little unexpected, but much needed hiatus. How have you been?

Yesterday was my favourite kind of fall day. When I left the house early in the morning, I was chilly and bundled up in a sweater. By the afternoon, it was hot and sunny. I took Maisy to High Park and as we walked through the forest, I realized that I hadn’t told you about the t-shirt I was wearing. It’s the first t-shirt I’ve sewn and I made in it our T-Shirt class. I’m still pretty new to sewing with knit fabrics, so I was thrilled to learn to make myself a perfect fitting tee completely on a serger. (Actually, we also use a cover stitch machine in this class, as well!) There are several different neckline and sleeve length options to choose from with this pattern. I combined the v-neck and the jewel neck to make a deeper scoop neck which I quite like. The fabric is a blue jersey I already had, but my next tee will definitely be made out of bamboo jersey. Now that I’ve got this pattern, I’m pretty set with all the basics. (Underwear + Tees) I’m going to draw the line at making my own jeans, but I’ve got a hankering to try making a pair of shoes one day.

I’m also sporting my new sunglasses (on sale from Anthropologie) in these photos. I went to New York City a couple weeks ago for the weekend. I have some fun photos to organize and post up for you.






Grey Bamboo Knit with Mokuba Elastic

I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to show you my new homemade underwear. I have been collecting pretty elastic trims from Mokuba in anticipation of creating a new collection of cute undies for myself. These two pairs were made using the same patterns we use in the Underwear class. They are the most comfortable underwear I own. Not only because the fit is amazing but because this organic knit bamboo is so soft and lovely.

Making these two pairs hardly depleted my trim stash, so next up I want to knock off some undies I already own and create my own patterns. Next Monday I hope to schedule in a whole day just devoted to this project.

Amy of Angry Chicken is all about making her own underwear too, so I’m not the only one!

Grey Bamboo Knit with Mokuba Trim

Elastic Trims


Since the underwear class, I’ve been obsessively thinking about making more. Alas, I am not ‘allowed’ to spend time making underwear right now. There are too many other projects & tasks that rank higher priority and need completing before starting something new. Plus, I would really like to give myself an entire day to draft up some new patterns and make a few more pairs from the patterns we used in class. I still can’t believe how comfortable and cute they are.

While running some errands today, I did allow myself to stop at Mokuba (aka. ribbon & trim heaven) and indulge in some lovely trims for my future underwear making. It took a lot of willpower to stop from buying much more. That store is dangerously enticing. I left there wanting to trim absolutely everything I make from now on.

I’m also allowed to do ‘research’, so have been surfing around Agent Provocateur, Strumpet and Pink and Stella McCartney for inspiration.


The term, ‘homemade underwear’, probably doesn’t conjure up a very flattering image. In fact, I just read an old news piece about Cate Blanchett giving up her dowdy homemade underwear. (made by her mom!) I have to admit that I’m impressed with my first attempts at making knickers. I think they’re quite cute and certainly not daggy.

My first pair was the Brazilian hipster in stretch lace. These next two are made from organic knit bamboo fabric. The fabric is amazingly soft. I’ve been wanting to start bringing in more organic and alternative fabrics to the workroom. We now have the organic knit bamboo in three colours – black, grey and this minky brown. For the trim, I just bought some inexpensive elastics at DFO. I’ll venture out to Mokuba and Sussman’s for my next pairs. A few of the other girls in the class had gotten some lovely trims there.

These are the low cut versions of the hipster (with frilly purple trim) and the bikini (with lavender scalloped elastic). I prefer the hipster, though both fit really well and are quite comfortable. The pattern also comes with a camisole which I’ve already got cut out in the bamboo and just need to sew up this week.

I’ve been scrutinizing my store bought undies, checking out they way they are constructed and how the trims are attached. Now that I’ve learned the basics from the underwear class, I’ve got tons of other ideas that I want to experiment with. The amazing thing about unlocking the mystery of making something is that you often find out that it’s not that hard and suddenly you’re proudly wearing homemade underwear!

Barack Obama was just sworn in as president. It’s a liberating day all around.


of homemade underwear!

The first session of the underwear class was last night. Oh, what fun! I have been waiting and waiting for this class. (maybe for my whole life) A few years ago, I really fancied becoming an underwear designer. I’ve never made a pair, but it was one of those things I thought I would love doing. For next weeks class I’m going to have to dig out my binder of underwear inspiration. Yes, the obsession last long enough for me to accumulate lots of ‘research’ into the field.

The class is taught by the lovely Kristiann and we had a riot talking about all the different styles, trims, elastics and problems related to underwear. (ie… camel toe!) This pair here is the Brazilian style using stretch lace. This violet stretch lace was giving to me a long time ago when I was first thinking I would be the next Princesse Tam Tam. Naturally, I had to use it to make my first creation. I also diverted from the basic pattern and added in some jersey knit panels.

Next week we’re making two more styles bikini and hipster. My mind is racing with ideas! I’m afraid you’re going to be subjected to a lot of underwear-related postings. I am a changed & empowered woman, with plans on seriously improving the state of my underwear drawer.

Brazilian Hipster Underwear