The term, ‘homemade underwear’, probably doesn’t conjure up a very flattering image. In fact, I just read an old news piece about Cate Blanchett giving up her dowdy homemade underwear. (made by her mom!) I have to admit that I’m impressed with my first attempts at making knickers. I think they’re quite cute and certainly not daggy.

My first pair was the Brazilian hipster in stretch lace. These next two are made from organic knit bamboo fabric. The fabric is amazingly soft. I’ve been wanting to start bringing in more organic and alternative fabrics to the workroom. We now have the organic knit bamboo in three colours – black, grey and this minky brown. For the trim, I just bought some inexpensive elastics at DFO. I’ll venture out to Mokuba and Sussman’s for my next pairs. A few of the other girls in the class had gotten some lovely trims there.

These are the low cut versions of the hipster (with frilly purple trim) and the bikini (with lavender scalloped elastic). I prefer the hipster, though both fit really well and are quite comfortable. The pattern also comes with a camisole which I’ve already got cut out in the bamboo and just need to sew up this week.

I’ve been scrutinizing my store bought undies, checking out they way they are constructed and how the trims are attached. Now that I’ve learned the basics from the underwear class, I’ve got tons of other ideas that I want to experiment with. The amazing thing about unlocking the mystery of making something is that you often find out that it’s not that hard and suddenly you’re proudly wearing homemade underwear!

Barack Obama was just sworn in as president. It’s a liberating day all around.

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