Since the underwear class, I’ve been obsessively thinking about making more. Alas, I am not ‘allowed’ to spend time making underwear right now. There are too many other projects & tasks that rank higher priority and need completing before starting something new. Plus, I would really like to give myself an entire day to draft up some new patterns and make a few more pairs from the patterns we used in class. I still can’t believe how comfortable and cute they are.

While running some errands today, I did allow myself to stop at Mokuba (aka. ribbon & trim heaven) and indulge in some lovely trims for my future underwear making. It took a lot of willpower to stop from buying much more. That store is dangerously enticing. I left there wanting to trim absolutely everything I make from now on.

I’m also allowed to do ‘research’, so have been surfing around Agent Provocateur, Strumpet and Pink and Stella McCartney for inspiration.