Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt – Apron Overlay

Outer Fabric – City Limits Black & White Tenements
Lining Fabric – Anna Griffin Bird Print
Ties & Waistband – My Folklore Floral

Anyone who knows my sewing history, knows that I started with the skirt. Learning to make a skirt was what got me hooked on sewing. I took one skirt pattern and used it as the base for drafting all kinds of different skirts. It was the only thing I knew how to make at the time and now my closet is full of them. Before there were 13 dresses, there were about 30 skirts.

I didn’t really feel compelled to add another skirt to my collection. What interested me most about the Barcelona Skirt pattern was the Apron Overlay. I love to wear a dress with jeans and this just seems like a great way to wear a ‘skirt’ with jeans.

Amy likes to use lots of fabrics in her patterns. I really find this challenging, mixing lots of different prints that I’m going to wear at the same time.  When I made the Lotus dress, I couldn’t even choose two coordinating fabrics. I decided to try it Amy’s way this time and do all three fabrics. My first selections were blues and greens, but I couldn’t get past two coordinating fabrics. I switched over to black and white and quickly settled on these three fabric choices.

While the Barcelona skirt pattern is super simple, the Apron Overlay requires a bit more attention to detail. As always, I’m impressed with Amy’s clever design and learned some great construction techniques with this reversible pattern. It’s the little touches, like the little pleat in the ties and the split front with contrast banding that make me love this sweet apron.

I wore it the other day with jeans because I had just finished it and couldn’t wait. With the crazy hot weather we’re having right now, I don’t know what I was thinking. Clearly I was in a ‘fashion trance’, where all logic goes out the window. I know I’m not the only one, ‘fess up to one of yours.

Barcelona Skirt - Apron Overlay