Cargo Duffle Bags for Sandra & Ryan

Cargo Duffle Bag by Anna Graham of Noodlehead (free pattern! from Robert Kaufman)
Main fabrics are Robert Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Navy & Black
Pockets, handles and interior lining are four different prints from the Indelible collection by Katarina Roccella

It’s been on my mind to try Anna’s Cargo Duffle Bag for a while. I love the shape, the exterior pockets and the contrasting fabric options. When I started to think of a wedding gift for my cousin, Sandra and her future husband, Ryan, it occurred to me that a pair of weekend travel bags was just the right thing. They spend a lot of time at the cottage in the summer, so I’m hoping these bags will get lots of use in all their future travels together.

I read through the pattern after printing it out and decided to make 2 little changes. I adjusted the pattern to be slightly wider. I followed the dimensions that Coconut Robot used for her version. I was really happy with the final shape, a bit more boxy than narrow. The other change I did was to add a lining. The pattern calls for denim or canvas that ends up being the lining, but I really wanted to have some fun printed fabric on the inside. Lots of people have also done this, but I went about it in a different way. Most people sew the lining separately together and then insert the lining into the bag at the end. I decided to try just adding the lining layer on top of the lining canvas and quilting it or basting it to the bag pieces as I went along. At the end, I just needed to bind all the inside seams. With the other method, you won’t need binding because the lining covers all the seams. My way was probably  more work, but I was happy with how it turned out. I would be up for trying the other way with the lining the next time I do this pattern.

I’ve made a good many bags but somehow this is my first Noodlehead bag! That seems kinda silly since her bags are so incredible and Anna is such a sweetheart. I have a feeling there will be more and more Noodlehead bags sewn up over here. I started a Roadtrip Case a few months ago that I need to finish up. I’m also eyeing the Poolside Tote and the Divided Basket patterns. I found the instructions to be very clear and easy to follow. Making two bags at once gave me lots of practice to figure out the best way to approach each step. I especially love how the quilting of the pieces really makes the bags more sturdy and structured.

Sandra & Ryan got married last weekend. It was such a lovely weekend being with all my family and cousins. The perfect end was watching the two of them open up their duffle bags at their wedding brunch the day after.

Cargo Duffle Bags for Sandra & Ryan

Cargo Duffle Bags for Sandra & Ryan

Cargo Duffle Bags for Sandra & Ryan

Cargo Duffle Bags for Sandra & Ryan


    1. It’s such a wonderful pattern, Anna. I had fun making them, even under the time crunch of leaving it to the last minute!

  1. Oh my goodness! i love how they turned out — and seriously seriously awesome wedding gift, like Anna said!!! that’s a labor of love!!


    1. Thanks Kacia. Your measurements helped immensely so that I didn’t have to waste time doing the math myself. I was really inspired by your version.

  2. They look great, and what a great gift! RK’s Essex is the best, isn’t it? Did you take any photos of the interiors? I’d love to see how the binding and interior looks, using that method of your fabric choices.

    1. Thank you! It’s a miracle that I got these photos, as they were taken the morning of the wedding and the binding was still unsewn on the inside! When I make my next one, I’ll be sure to get an inside photo!

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