Brown Paper Packages

I’m taking the downtime after the holidays to start thinking about next year’s holiday. Seriously. I hope that if I put a little pre-planning in now I’ll have a smooth sailing Christmas next year. All my presents will be made and wrapped before December 24, holidays cards will be received in the correct year and I will be fast asleep in the hours leading up to Santa’s arrival. This is how Martha does it. She has already planned and photographed the Holiday dinners we will be reading about 11 months from now. I aspire only to be on time, that’s all.

I had the last minute idea to use some fabric scraps in the last bits of my wrapping this year. I cut pieces of kraft paper and zigzag stitched a scrap of fabric to the top. Then I put the gift in the middle of two pieces of kraft paper and stitched all around to enclose it into the package. This clearly won’t work for large gifts, but for many of the small fabric gifts, it’s just perfect. I’ll probably use recycled newspapers or such next year.

I found this post yesterday on Wild Olive. Her version with painting looks really sweet and colourful. I’d love to try this too.

Sewing on paper is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it. My cousin, Heather, made the beautiful holiday card below that she stitched on her machine. I really love the black and white photos of her bunnies with the red stitching. Brilliant!

One note about sewing paper on your sewing machine. You should definitely change your needle when you’re done. Sewing on paper will dull your need very quickly. Save that needle for future paper sewing projects and get a fresh one for sewing with fabric.

I also received some lovely gifts wrapped in fabric this year. One in a sweet tea towel and the other in a piece of vintage cotton. Do you have any creative wrapping ideas to share?

Stitched Christmas Card

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