My Favourite Tunic, Dress, Vest Book
Tunic 6
Striped shirting cotton from New York Elegant Fabrics

I don’t often repeat a pattern, but I just love this tunic so much. It’s so easy to make, to wear and it feels great on.

The pattern is from ‘My Favourite Tunic, Dress, Vest Book‘. (ISBN 978-4-8347-2762-3) Perhaps one day I’ll try out another pattern from the book. Until then, I would be perfectly happy making six more of these tunics.

The fabric came from my stash of New York fabrics, likely from New York Elegant Fabrics. It’s a lovely shirting cotton that is so soft and delicate, it feels like gossamer. I can’t wait to wear it on a sunny spring day.

This version is slightly different than the first. I omitted the zipper down the back since the top easily fits over my head. The length of the sleeves was dictated by the amount of fabric I had. These were the longest sleeves I could get out of the yardage I was working with and I quite like them. This time I also gathered the sleeve cuff and finished it off with bias tape binding. The final signature touch is the lace trim around the bottom.

I hear it is supposed to be a balmy 15 degrees Celsius today!

Favourite Tunic #6, again