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Wildflower Garden Cross Stitch

Wild Flower Garden Cross Stitch
by Kazuko Aoki
ISBN 9784579109173
available at the workroom

I am obsessing over cross stitch right now. It’s something I’ve always been really interested in, but haven’t officially learned. I’m working on changing that! I’ve ordered a line of Japanese embroidery floss called Cosmo (over 400 colours!) for the workroom and once that arrives we’ll be launching an Intro to Cross Stitch class. Yay!!

In the meantime, I’m doing lots of ‘research’ and pre-planning for future projects. When I came across this book, I ordered it right away for the shop. (and grabbed a copy for myself!) It is filled with page after page of gorgeous cross stitch flower designs and projects. I am imagining cross stitching these happy floral designs during the cold winter and feeling cheered up by creating a stitched garden scene.

Speaking of cross stitch and general cute-ness… I wanted to let you know about Amanda & Ashleigh’s new shop for cross stitch and quilt-y patterns. The shop is called ‘The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery‘. The shop just launched and I am really excited to make these patterns. Cross stitched candy corn in halloween costumes?!! TOO cute. Their holiday patterns are coming soon and I can’t wait to see what they are.

Wildflower Garden Cross Stitch

Wildflower Garden Cross Stitch

Wildflower Garden Cross Stitch

Wildflower Garden Cross Stitch

Wildflower Garden Cross Stitch


Goodies from Goodness

This amazing package arrived on Friday from Japan, it was a wonderful surprise on a quiet afternoon. Even the stamps are amazing. Leslie of Good-ness and I had talked about doing a fun swap. Right after that, she announced her move back to Canada. Since she was caught up in the whirlwind of getting ready to move half way around the world, I figured we would put the swap on ‘hold’. I had made a couple requests for some Japanese books I had been lusting over and had also asked for a pair of knee socks. Japan has the best socks. If you ever go, can you bring me back a pair of cute knee socks? These ones are adorable with a little ruffle-y detail along the top and mini yellow flowers all over. They are deserving of a special outfit, which I am currently trying to work out, or perhaps make.

The Come Home shop & cafe book (ISBN 9784391626261) is a guide to incredible little businesses around Japan. Since I hope one of our next trips will be to Japan, it’s never too early to start doing research. These shops are too perfect. I have been pouring over every detail in all the photos. Love love love.

There was also another Come Home book (ISBN 9784391620429), a few Japanese fabrics and two Salvia books. The sweet Salvia books are part of a series and I’d love to collect them all.

Leslie, you’re TOO good. I’ll be sending off your package to Calgary for you this week. Safe trip home!

Come Home shop & cafe


Favourite Tunic #6, again

I don’t often repeat a pattern, but I just love this tunic so much. It’s so easy to make, to wear and it feels great on.

The pattern is from ‘My Favourite Tunic, Dress, Vest Book‘. (ISBN 978-4-8347-2762-3) Perhaps one day I’ll try out another pattern from the book. Until then, I would be perfectly happy making six more of these tunics.

The fabric came from my stash of New York fabrics, likely from New York Elegant Fabrics. It’s a lovely shirting cotton that is so soft and delicate, it feels like gossamer. I can’t wait to wear it on a sunny spring day.

This version is slightly different than the first. I omitted the zipper down the back since the top easily fits over my head. The length of the sleeves was dictated by the amount of fabric I had. These were the longest sleeves I could get out of the yardage I was working with and I quite like them. This time I also gathered the sleeve cuff and finished it off with bias tape binding. The final signature touch is the lace trim around the bottom.

I hear it is supposed to be a balmy 15 degrees Celsius today!

Favourite Tunic #6, again


A lot of my internet surfing and blog reading has to do with coveting. Coveting and inspiration. I came across this photo by Something’s Hiding in Here. Since I already covet everything that Something’s Hiding in Here makes, I knew these magazines must be amazing. Coincidentally, I had just discovered Leslie’s blog the day before and Leslie is a source for all good things Japanese. I quickly emailed her and she promptly ordered me four issues and shipped them out to me last week before she left for a holiday to Hawaii. (lucky duck) They arrived within days. The postal system still amazes me.

My lovely brown box arrived packaged so sweetly with a few extra treats. It included a piece of Junko Onishi’s Bloom fabric & a piece of Lotta Jansdotter fabric, both of which I have been coveting for a long long time. This was way more than a ‘little’ goodness, Leslie!!

The magazines are delicious and I’m looking forward to really pouring through them over the weekend. Look at all the boxes and cupboards and just plain gorgeousness of every simple detail. Tiny little swing on a miniature plant?! Sigh. I love it all.

Have a lovely lovely weekend!


My Home Sewing Room

This is me at home in my sewing room aka. the dining room. There’s a huge Japanese pattern sheet spread out on the table behind me. In the background you’ll see a huge blackboard leaning on the wall. I’ll post some photos of it soon, it has a ‘special feature’ that I’m quite proud of. Above the dining room table is a cherry wood veneer lampshade that I made. It’s lined with a beautiful pink & gold paper from The Paper Place.

Dear friends, have I told you recently how much I like you? I love that you visit me and see the things I’m doing. It’s fun to tell you about the things I’m learning, the mistakes I’m making and the ideas I have. Today I’m in the mood to hear from you and I’m ready to tempt you to speak up. I’d like to give away one of the lovely snap coin purses I made over the holidays to a lucky commenter to this post. All you need to do is leave a comment telling me one important thing that you learned last year that has really stuck with you. It could be something little, something crafty, something funny or something scientific!

This contest will be short, it’s really for the people who are here everyday (so flattering) – you have until midnight tonight – Friday January 9th. I’ll draw a number over the weekend and announce the winner on Monday!

One important crafty thing that I learned this year was that Japanese craft books don’t include seam allowance! I will never ever forget that.

Happy Friday, everybody!


I “accidentally” ordered a few more Japanese craft books from Pomadour24’s Craft Cafe, a couple weeks ago and they’ve just arrived. Oh dear. The last thing I need right now is a distraction from all the holiday gifts that I haven’t started to make yet.

My favourite of the bunch is the ‘Sweet Dress Recipe’. But I also got “Basic of Lockstitch Sewing Machine” and “Favorite Tunic, Dress, Vest Book”.

Surely I could justify making myself a new outfit (or two) for the holidays.