Leggings were on our original To Do List for The Sewing Factory. They got nixed off the list when we couldn’t find nice jersey that we loved for the project and also we got distracted by Liberty fabric and sewing all the dresses.

A few months later, I picked up some grey jersey in hopes of making leggings. I also finally found a good leggings pattern. I’ve had great success with all the Jalie patterns that I’ve tried. They are the basis for our T-Shirt & Underwear classes. Their patterns include an extensive range of sizes which seems to make the fit of their garments really wonderful.

A few weeks ago, all the stars finally aligned. Our water service stopped at home (here’s looking on the bright side of this situation) and I was stuck waiting about 20 hours for the city to arrive to work on it. With some unexpected ‘free’ time, it seemed like the perfect time to tackle a new but simple project.

These leggings were born without a hitch. I used both a serger and a sewing machine with a twin needle to finish these. I tried them on when I was done and they fit like a glove! I promptly sat down and made a second pair.

My second pair was even better. I made a few changes to my construction process that I’m really happy about. I searched my stash and found enough knit fabric for two more pairs. One of my next pairs will be from bamboo jersey that is a bit thicker. I think this will be the best weight and I’m excited that the workroom will be carrying this bamboo jersey again very soon! (in a range of awesome new colours)

This is perfect project to practice your serger skills on and to introduce yourself to serging with jersey. I’ll be sharing all my tricks and tips in our new Leggings class at the workroom!

We also have the Jalie Leggings pattern in the shop! Plus, the essential twin & jersey needles. A hundred pairs of leggings for everyone!




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  • i love your leggings party of one with the balloons. i was going to ask what jersey you used–that has been holding me back from making my own thus far. happy you’ll be carrying it soon! and hey–no fair with the teaser…those of us who can’t take the class want to know your top secret improvements, too!
    ashley recently posted..Four Features to Publish Your Poems

  • These look so comfortable! I am excited that The Workroom will be carrying bamboo jersey, as it can be hard to find.

  • I’m so excited to take this class. I rushed to sign up as soon as I got the email. And now I don’t have to worry about sourcing the right fabric – you have it all sorted for me!

  • Not one but two! I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Jalie Pattern. And it’s the perfect make for all seasons!
    maddie recently posted..Weekend: My Sewing Mother

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