I’ve been going through my closet with a critical eye, looking for items of clothing I haven’t worn for ages, but don’t want to get rid of. I’ve decided that by shopping my closet and making a few nip/tucks, I’ll add some much needed new pieces to my current wardrobe rotation.

Easiest project first. Skirts. I have so many skirts. When I first learned to sew, I went crazy sewing up skirts since it was the only thing I knew how to make. They all seem to be around the same length – knee length. After all these years, that seems too long for right now. I picked three skirts I made ages ago that I hardly wear, but love. The red is a heavy cotton canvas with leather buttons at the top. The turquoise is a soft corduroy. The grey is actually a lovely iridescent fabric that is silvery grey with a shot of yellow depending on how the light hits it. After trying them all on, the right length seemed to be about 17″. I measured, chopped off the bottoms, pressed up about an inch and hand sewed an invisible hem on each. Three newly refreshed skirts for me to wear in the blink of a crafty eye!

(the smudgy spots on the mirror near the bottom of my leg, must be from Maisy checking herself in the mirror when I wasn’t looking)