I had my first patio outing of the season on Sunday and it was glorious. Dinner and drinks with Dominic & Cassandra on Tati‘s rooftop patio. It’s almost like a tree house, as there is a huge tree growing through and around the secluded patio. The food and ambiance was just lovely. I recommend it and plan on going again and again this summer. At one point, a daring raccoon made a hilarious attempt to scamper down, but was ‘shoo’d away by the wait staff. I was too busy devouring my Profiteroles to get a good photo of the little guy.

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  • Oh yeah! I had totally forgotten about that amazing patio! I’ve only eaten there when it was Kensington Kitchen — I’d love to check out their prix fixe menu at some point. Looks delicious!

  • I remember stumbling upon that place once, but I think it used to be called Kensington Kitchen or something.. That must be one of the loveliest patios in the city!

  • Whoops – Obviously I didn’t read Anabela’s comment!

  • Oh how lovely. It looks like you had great weather and the food looks delicious!!

    I’m so glad that the new owners of the “Kensington Kitchen” building didn’t change the patio. I agree that it has to be one of the best patios in the city. This patio will always have a special place in my heart. It was on this very patio on a Friday night in June that I decided what my name would be changed to. Plus, the name of the old resturant was partial inspiration for my “new” last name.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It warms my heart :)

  • anabela – i had the prix fixe dinner and it was delicious. i’d have it again and again. i never got to go there when it was Kensignton Kitchen, but i’m so happy they kept the patio just the way it was.

    emily – you’re just so quick at GTD!

    nora – i like the place even more now that i know that story.

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