Japanese Craft Books

It occurred to me the other day how popular Japanese Dress Books are becoming. I’m not really surprised, the aesthetic is so simple and there aren’t really any other patterns on the market that are like them. Now that I’m also teaching a class about them at the workroom, I thought it was time to organize all my posts on the subject into one section. In addition to cataloging my growing collection of books, I hope it will be a fun resource for you when you’re deciding which books to buy for yourself and which projects you might want to try.

To start, I’ve gone through my collection and listed all the titles I have with their ISBN’s and cover images. Anything that has already been posted about has a link, along with a list of all the projects I’ve made so far. (Stylish Dress Book 1 & 2 are far in the lead with most projects made) I’ll be posting about each of the different books that I’ve got on a more regular basis. Plus, surely I’ll have to buy even more books to show you. Yeah!

Sweet Dress Recipe

Happy Homemade 3