Stylish Dress Book : Tunic ‘B’
Spark Navy from the Cotton + Steel Bespoke collection in Double Gauze Cotton

This pattern is a staple for me. I love reaching into my closet and pulling out any of my many versions – most of them in nani IRO double gauze. I just love the silhouette and those cute puffy sleeves! This was my first time trying  the new Cotton + Steel double gauze and it was perfect.

Stylish Dress Book 'B' : Cotton + Steel

Stylish Dress Book 'B' : Cotton + Steel

Stylish Dress Book 'B' : Cotton + Steel


  1. Very nice.
    It would be great to see an entire blog (or a series) of all of the clothes you have made yourself. And your blog (and you) have been busy lately.
    When can we see photos of the new class space? Will this increase the number of spots available per class?

    1. Hi Sandra! Thanks! Hopefully I can better organize this blog in the near future to make it easier to scroll through specific projects. I’ll be posting photos soon of the new studio space. For the most part it will mean more classes with the same number of students. For special events or guest teachers it will mean that we have space to include more people at once though!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to find a favourite pattern? I love seeing your various renditions of this.

    I tried this pattern once (wearable muslin) and I know I need to do some tweaks to it. Hopefully my next one using Nani Iro will turn out as nice as yours!

    Even though I went according to the size chart (Stylish Dress Book), I always find it’s too big for me. I wonder if you have similar sizing issues.?

    1. Hi Melissa, I do find that generally the sizes are on the larger side with these books. I usually just take into account that for most of the patterns I will end up taking in the sides to compensate. For this particular pattern, I didn’t do any adjustments though. Does it fit you in the shoulders? or is it too big there as well?

  3. This is gorgeous – I love everything about it. I have this book and will consider making the top when I have more time. My to-do list grows longer each day!

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