nani IRO - Colourful Fabric Dress Book

nani IRO – Colourful Fabric Dress Book
ISBN 9784579111831

Naomi Ito is the designer behind the inspirational nani IRO fabrics line. Her fabric designs are like paintings that flow across the bolt, often in beautiful double gauze cotton or linen blends. This book not only showcases all her fabric from 2008 but many of her simple designs and patterns. Everything about this book is inspirational.

I’ve had this book for ages and can’t believe that I haven’t made anything from it yet. The cover image is probably the most popular pattern in the book. The dress is very simple, very Japanese and I’ve seen several lovely versions of it made. I’m officially putting it on my Crafty List of Things to Do. There are lots of different types of projects to try including mother/daughter clothing patterns (so cute!), bags, coin purses and a simple apron.

I’m hoping you will pitch in with your comments and thoughts about these books and patterns as I post them to the Japanese Dress Books section. If you own any of these books or have had luck or even difficulty with some of the projects, it would be great to hear from you!

Colourful Fabric Dress Book

Colourful Fabric Dress Book

Colourful Fabric Dress Book

Colourful Fabric Dress Book

Colourful Fabric Dress Book

Colourful Fabric Dress Book

Colourful Fabric Dress Book

Colourful Fabric Dress Book


  1. I love the nani IRO line! In case you didn’t see (or in case anyone else would like) there are some free nani IRO patterns available on the Kokka website to celebrate the debut of nani IRO’s new line Antique Label.

    Here’s the link:
    Click on the pincushion at the bottom of the page, and then the Antique Label Vol.I picture and you’ll be taken to a list of the patterns; just click on the picture of the one you want to get the pdf. The patterns are in Japanese, but some of the measurements are in numerals and there are pictures.

  2. Oh, I love using Nani IRO fabrics but somehow have never bought this book. I’m adding it to my wish list now that I’ve seen more of the inside though. I love that pink outfit (is it the same pattern as the dress on the front?); it looks so cool and comfortable (and like I could wear a long sleeved shirt underneath for a new winter look).

  3. I love this book and fabric line, too! I’ve been planning to make the dress on the cover in the turquoise version of the coral fabric also pictured. Need to try it first on a muslin before cutting into the precious Nani Iro fabric. I love how the selvedges on that fabric is used! I plan to make the skirt pattern using the black fabric on the cover, too.

    Mari posted her experience making this dress and another last year on Purl Bee:

    One thing mentioned in the 1/18/2009 comments is the need to draft the collar yourself, using different measurements depending on the fabric/selvedge width you use. I had to ask my Japanese friend for translation help before I figured that one out!

    The more that I look at and use the Japanese patterns, the more they make sense. With a bit of experience, the pictures and some simple references to the characters and making notes really do help decipher it all. So comfy and wearable!

  4. kaye prince – thanks for posting the link to the free nani iro patterns. that is a great resource.

    peanut – yes, that pink dress is the same style as the one on the cover. it’s such a lovely style! and i’ve definitely seen it worn with a shirt underneath and it looks great. i really need to make it pronto!

    lori – i wish i could read japanese too!

    lark – great point about having to draft your own collar for the dress. we ran into this during our class. it’s confusing when you don’t find that piece on the pattern sheet.i wish i had stashed away some of the fabric from this collection. looking at it now, i wish i had more!

  5. Am looking forward to see some of your projects from this book. I haven’t splurged on this one yet, although I have one of her others. I’ve been trying to figure out if this is also destined to be mine!

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