Simplicity 3062

There’s nothing more fun than looking through patterns and picking out possible ‘future projects’. I spent a couple hours today looking through hundreds of vintage sewing patterns. I set a few aside for myself and have already started picking out fabrics in my mind. Even though I have so many projects on the go right now, I can’t help but dream of some new clothes for fall. These are all possible contenders that might be making a second appearance here in fabric form.

the workroom has acquired a large collection of vintage sewing patterns very similar to these from 1940s to 1980s. We’ll be putting out a few boxes full of them at the Kids Trunk Show this coming Sunday. They are worth a look, if only for the lovely illustrations/hilarious photos.

p.s. I marked down over sixty bolts of fabric on our shelves to help make room for the new fall collections, so it’s a good time for you to dream up some fall projects, too!

Simplicity 8260

Simplicity ESP 8183

Butterick 5297

Vogue 6121 & Vogue 7917

Very Easy Vogue 8768

Simplicity 8793


  • Oh how interesting are they!!!! It makes me think to many possibilities…

  • Oh my goodness i made that Symplicity 8183 when I was in high school! I remember having to get my mom to help me with the elastic! it was a dark blue floral print! Can’t wait to flip through the patterns again! What fun!

  • Cool!

    And speaking of that Simplicity 8183 pattern, that model looks like she REALLY needs to use the washroom.

  • I love the grey pleated dress and the blouse with the bib detail!

  • Like I needed two MORE reasons to come on Sunday! So looking forward to getting the girls’ portraits done.
    And, I’m lovin’ the tux shirt in Simplicity 3062. Must. Make. It.

  • Are these for sale? If so, is there any way a purchase can be made online?

    I LOVE vintage patterns!

  • too bad I missed the trunk show! I was in a plane flying back to Toronto from the Yukon.
    I went to the Salvation Army thrift shop when I was there and found some pretty fun vintage patterns too, for only 25 cents apiece so I bought $3 worth! Strange how these things happen at the same time!

  • You mentioned that you studied at Ryerson: does Ryerson collect old sewing patterns for its archives or classes?

  • The last time I was in Toronto I visited “The Textile Museum”. Is there another museum or archival collection in Toronto that is dedicated to vintage pattern and clothes? Like the Costume Museum outside Winnipeg? I know the University of Guelp collects Canadian cookbooks for its archives but is any university or private group collecting old Canadian sewing patterns?

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