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365 : March

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So, my camera was stolen yesterday. Someone came into the workroom, saw it on a table where I had been photographing the new issue of Uppercase and took it. It was not until a little bit later on that I noticed it was missing when I went to grab it during the Stitch n’ Bitch. Shame on me for being so trusting and leaving it out in the open in my space. I find it extremely shocking that this has happened, especially since I always view the workroom as a special community space where people can feel welcome, safe and inspired.

I try to keep things pretty upbeat here. Crafts and making things are a very happy place for me and that’s what I work to share with you as much as possible. My camera is such a big part of that. Of course, I will replace the camera and my lens, but unfortunately not the photos that I hadn’t yet downloaded. It seems as though I will have a few blank days in my 365.

I had a Nikon D40, which I just discovered they don’t make anymore. Do you have any camera suggestions for me? I do like Nikon a lot and it seems like the D90 is the only comparable option. Does anyone have this camera?


  1. Oh no! That’s so terrible. Please don’t blame yourself! This breaks my heart — just yesterday I was thinking about the strap you made and everything (not to remind you). I think it’s understandable that you would be so trusting — The Workroom is your second home!

    I have the next one up from the D40, the D60, but it seems as though the D90 would be your best bet, despite its being so much more expensive. When I read this post I felt awful for having a D60, but I’m not planning to get a new lens anyhow.

  2. Sorry to hear about the theft. That is such a terrible feeling.

    I have heard good things about the D90. I hope you are able to continue with your photo a day project 🙂

  3. what the heck! that is so incredibly lame! In college I had someone steal my entire semesters worth of zinc etching plates out of my TA slot…it’s like not only did you STEAL from me, but I’m a TA with a special little slot! And not only did someone steal from you, but its your shop!!!! People seriously kill me sometimes!
    I’m not sure if it’s similar but my father in law has the D80 and its pretty incredible. I used the D90 at costco a few weekends ago and it was pretty great too, I love the size of the newer cameras! Both Eric & I have D50s and are thinking about upgrading.
    Maybe as a bonus you could make a cute camera strap for your new one? Or I could make you a cute liberty one & send it your way as a cheer up!?

  4. I bought my Nikon D40 used off of craigslist. I got an amazing deal and it works great! Maybe keep an eye on the posts and you could replace your old one at a good price…

  5. Wow. The *nerve* of somebody to walk in and do that is really shocking. All the best in finding a new one; I always look forward to seeing your photos.

  6. Oh no Karyn! That is absolutely terrible and I can’t believe that someone would do that – shame on them!

    You should check with Henry’s and see if they have a used Nikon D40 that you can buy. They actually have a shop on eBay.ca too and I just did a quick check, but they don’t have the D40 on there. You should also check with them just in case anybody tries to sell them your camera.

    I only have a point and shoot (although I really want a DSLR, that’s why I’ve been stalking Henry’s) so unfortunately I don’t have any good recommendations.

    Keep your chin up Karyn, it will work out, I promise! You can even borrow one of my regular SLRs for a bit if you need 😀

  7. Oh no! 🙁 I’m so sorry, that’s awful.

    I have a Canon D400, and I absolutely love it, but if you’re already really at home with the Nikon interface, I don’t know that I’d switch over, since I think the difference between the two brands is pretty much personal preference.

  8. Oh Karyn – that’s horrible!

    I hope karma catches up to the evil person who did this! What a horrible thing to happen to you, one of the nicest people.

  9. Oh my gosh – that blows! And so bizarre, when I was in yesterday I saw your camera two tables up from me, my iPhone over on the large cutting table and my bag with my own Nikon on another table behind me and I thought to myself that it’s so nice to not have to be paranoid about my Stuff for a change. Up in the Junction where I take my dance class, Su always reminds me not to leave my things in the storefront because people come and steal purses.

    Having said that, do you have the serial number for your camera? If you do, you could try the pawn shops – specifically the one at Queen and Gladstone. Or on Church street. Your lovely camera strap would be a good identifier as well.

    I have a D70, which I believe is discontinued as well, but I do like it. The Henry’s Outlet on Queen East was having a big sale as it’s closing down and moving. You might be able to pick up a good deal on another Nikon there?

    Now I just want to find the person that stole your camera and kick them in the kidneys…

  10. That just plain sucks Karyn. I’m so sorry to hear that this happended to you. You are such a lovely individual and to have such a crappy thing happen to you makes me so made I could spit. *ptui*

    I’m with Deedrie in that you should continue to trust. We can’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch. Besides, me and the posse I am putting together to track down the jerk that took your camera from you will make sure this doesn’t happen again 😉

    I know nothing about cameras so I am useless there. But I can ask around…

  11. This sucks! I read a couple weeks ago about strollers that were being stolen off peoples porches and sold on kijiji. Maybe yours ended up there too. If anything, I hope that whoever did this has the decency to return your memory card.

    Please don’t lose your trust in people, there are still good people out there. (they usually end up in your shop!)

  12. Karyn! I felt so bad! And I was there when you were looking for it! I am so sorry.

    I hope you get a camera soon. Or, if you ever find out who took it, I hope you get to throw a pie in their face.

    Let me know if you need help taking pictures this sunday!

  13. Oh no! That is horrible!!! I’m so sorry that it happened to you. I have a canon rebel DSLR and love it…I had to save up big time for it but it’s been well worth the price.

  14. I really can’t believe that happened. And here I was sitting wondering “where the heck are new pictures from Karyn?!”. I feel the loss personally, because I love seeing all your pics. I hope you can find a new camera soon for both our sakes! I’ve been looking for one and I’m always checking Craigslist I was thinking the D90 as well but just haven’t pulled the trigger!….

  15. it’s been said before, don’t lose faith and don’t stop trusting. just you wait, this is a blessing in disguise, it always is. like you, i have the D40, but the newer models feel better and almost lighter. a friend of mine has the D90, however the D3000 has a better processor (and updated) than our d40. it’s also cheaper than the D90, so for the price of the D90 body alone, you can get the D3000 body plus a lens! my two cents, also check with henry’s which is the better option for what you need for both hobby and work.

  16. I have the D90 and love it. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Sorry to hear about the theft. Even crooks have hobbies, I guess.

  17. i wish i knew more about cameras but i know you will love the next one you get! no shame on you for trusting…not your fault!

    i’m down with michelle, if we find the persons who stole your camera, we’ll kick em to the curb. we gotch ur back!

  18. Karyn that sucks! Dan and I both lost our cameras when we were robbed, so we know the feeling. However Dan replaced his camera with the D90 and he loves it. I’ll bring it with me tonight to class and you can have a look/play.


  19. Sorry about your camera!! 🙁 I really love your photos, it’s sad you had to lose some.

    The D3000 is the replacement for the D40/D60. When I got my camera a few months ago, the store owner told me that while they did have used D40’s (which you could probably find as well), it was worth getting the newest model (the D3000) because of its updated computer and a few nice features (the one that stands out to me that it has 11-point focusing instead of 3.. more places in the frame you can tell your camera to focus on basically). I love mine to bits!

  20. Oh, Karyn, how awful — it’s like someone coming into your home and stealing from you 🙁
    I can’t believe that they don’t make the D40 anymore– That’s what I have and it seems so new……
    Glad to hear that the the new uppercase is in though! I’ll be down on the weekend to pick one up 🙂

  21. oh that’s horrible! i am so sorry for your lost and in shock that this happened!

    i have the d90! and i love it! i am sure it is comparable to the d40 if not better (in terms of updated technology and newer parts). stay happy! *hugs*

  22. that is awful – I am always leaving my camera in the shop during photo shoots and john always needs to remind me to put it safely in the back.

    I have a D60 which I think replaced the D40 and I love it and couldn’t be happier – the D90 is one model up and I think it’s a bit better, if you want to save money I think you would be happy with the D60. Ro has the D3000 and she really likes it.

    best getting a new one and shame on the person who stole your camera.

  23. I’m really sorry to hear this Karyn. I love your blog, follow it religiously and enjoy the photos especially and immensely!

  24. Ugh, that is so lame. People who steal things are just idiots–what an invasion of your shop, your space, your creativity, and your life. I am really sorry your got camera stolen–I would be so upset if I lost mine that way. I don’t know much about Nikon (I’m in the competing camp…) but maybe you should take this opportunity to upgrade to the model one step above yours. It could be a sign from the universe, you never know.

  25. I might be a little optimistic here, but have you checked Craigslist for your camera? I remember hearing a few weeks ago about a family who found their stolen baby stroller listed on craislist for sale.
    In fact, I just did a quick search, and there is a D40 for sale at Queen & Landsdowne??!!

  26. Glad to hear you picked up the D90. I am catching up or I would have responded sooner with good reports on mine. I’ve had it for a year and a half and am very happy with my choice. I recently saw a D3000 and while nice, the D90 has a lot more functionality. It is much easier to change settings on the D90 because there are many more buttons. This makes for faster and easier shooting. Having had the D40, you will find it easy to use, but there are so many features that I recommend reading the manual. You can also download a pdf of the manual for free (you just can’t print it) which is great when you want to find something quickly (the index isn’t that great).
    I look forward to seeing your new photos!

  27. hey everybody! thank you so much for your sweet words and cheery messages. i’m not going to let one bad apple ruin things. i truly believe in the good that is out there and you guys are the proof!

    anabela – that liberty of london strap was pretty awesome. i did make myself a new one for my new camera and i’m pretty happy with it. and don’t feel bad about your camera! the one you have is great and while the lens issue might seem like a big deal for a someone who has a boatload of lenses, i don’t think you’ll really notice any limitations with it for yourself. besides, you take incredible photos no matter what camera you’re using!

    amanda – there’s really no accounting for the awful things people will do. just your offer of making me a new camera strap totally made my day. you’re so sweet! i’ll post photos of the one i made over the weekend very soon.

    michelle – it is infuriating! i feel great knowing that if someone is ever spotted with my camera strap that a bunch of crafty ladies is ready to pounce on them!

    heather – it sounds like your loss of cameras was much worse than mine. all those vacation photos! so sad. please tell dan thank you so much for sending along his d90 for me to try out. what a lovely gesture.

    mary – i have been checking out craigslist in the off change i might spot it. i checked out that listing you mentioned at queen & lansdowne, but the lens was not the same as mine. it’s good advice to check there!

    also – unfortunately i can’t claim the theft on my insurance, as the deductible is as much as the camera was worth. that was a bit of a bummer to discover, but a good lesson in what the details of my insurance policy are.

    p.s. you guys rule! xoxox

  28. That was such a bummer!

    I had my winter coat stolen once. I put it down behind me for literally two minutes and when I turned back around to pick it up it was gone.

    Some people’s kids!

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