Before we get too far into the new year, I thought it best to set out some achievable resolutions for myself. I find list writing to be a very useful tool. I’m constantly surprised at how much more I get done, when a list has been made. Hence the reason behind ‘My crafty list of things to do‘. I’m making a separate list of goals for the workroom, but I’ll keep that private for now. I don’t want to give everything away just yet.

  • Eat breakfast every morning (not just pie and cupcakes)
  • Increase my calcium intake (so I don’t feel guilty at my yearly check up with my doctor)
  • Do yoga classes (there’s a yoga studio right across the street!)
  • Take a week long vacation (while the shop stays open!)
  • Read more books (i’m now part of a book club, so i hope this helps)
  • Finish unfinished projects from last year or before (quilt sampler, queen-sized quilt, patchwork pillows, pair of pants)
  • Take 2 days off a week, rather than 1 (some weeks)
  • Keep reducing the amount of plastic in my life (must make re-usable bags for the bulk food store)
  • Get organized & keep writing lists (my new agenda is waiting to be filled)
  • On a side note, one year I kept a running list of various things in my life such as how many cartons of orange juice or eggs I had bought, how many movies I had seen, books I had read, how many flights I had taken, etc. It was a fascinating list and I really wish I had kept it.

    I was on television last night for about five seconds on a new HGTV show called, “The Decorating Adventures of Ambrose Price“. We had filmed for the entire afternoon and part of a class and in the end they used the tiniest slice (thankfully). It was both thrilling and horrifying at the same time.