Wiksten Tank

Wiksten Tank sewing pattern by Jenny Gordy
Fabric : Peach Birch from Jay McCarroll’s Habitat collection

I had been saving this one metre of Birch for ages. Actually, I was kicking myself for only getting the one metre. There really aren’t a lot of clothing options for such a small amount of fabric. I got it into my head that I could squeak a Wiksten Tank out of it with a little creativity a few weeks ago. With some clever fabric folding I was able to get all my pieces cut out, including a pattern matched pocket piece and I just had to piece together two strips to make the bias binding for the neck. Whoo! I cut out the extra small and I doubt this would work with any of the other sizes.  It’s always worth a try though! There’s nothing more satisfying than making the fabric you have in your stash work with the pattern you choose for it after.

The Wiksten Tank list continues to grow!
Kerry’s Flock
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Martha Negley

We sell the Wiksten Tank & Tova patterns at the workroom!

Wiksten Tank

Wiksten Tank

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