Jacqueline's Liberty Crossroads Quilt

As Spring is starting to truly get going here, I’m posting some wintery photos from our recent cottage weekend. A lovely tradition of getting away for a long weekend with friends, dogs and sewing machines was started a few years ago. It happens twice a year and is something I look forward to immensely.

The focus is sewing. We wake up early in the morning and get on our sewing machines, some of us sleep in because we were sewing until 3am in the morning. Having several days in a row to focus on projects means that stuff gets done! Huge quilts get quilted, binding is stitched, problems are solved and a thousand blocks are pieced. In between all that, there are amazing homemade meals and snacks, walks with dogs and afternoon naps. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get better than this.

Just four months til the Summer Cottage Weekend!

All the Winter Cottage Weekend photos are here.

Katrina's Cut Glass Quilt

Double Wedding Ring

The view


Asha & Piper


Katherine's Super Star Quilt

Maria's City Lot Quilt

Katherine's Super Star


V&A Quilt block

Katherine's Flock of Triangles

Flatter by Soak

Sewing on the binding

Katherine's basting pins

All the quilts!

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