#111 Wrench

Here are my next nine Farmer’s Wife blocks. Most of these were sewn during our trip to Madison. I’m definitely not a model of speed and efficiency for this project. But while some people had a fast start at the beginning of the year, I’ve just kept a turtle’s pace at it. I’m re-ignited to pick up the pace by Camille Croskelley’s recent posts about her Farmer’s Wife project. I’m interested to try to follow her method for working through 6 blocks at a time! I’ve hand pieced all my blocks so far, but it was never my intention to do all of them this way. Especially the blocks with teeny tiny pieces!

I also recently got to see Jennifer’s finished Farmer’s Wife Quilt Top in person and was totally blown away!  Seriously beautiful with the perfect choice of sashing and corner stone fabrics.

#4 Basket Weave

#92 Streak of Lightning

#69 Practical Orchard

#61 Northern Lights

#80 Single Wedding Star

#16 Calico Puzzle

#48 Homeward Bound

#103 Whirlwind

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