Slow Fashion October has just wrapped up and I wanted to share another older project (from about nine years ago) that I still wear with love.

I’m not sure how I came up with the idea for this sweater refashion, but it was one of those magical inspirations. It started with a oversized men’s wool Hugo Boss sweater from Value Village. At the time, I was cutting up old t-shirts and dress shirts to reconfigure them into new garments. I was curious about felting a sweater especially since I always feel like my sweater wardrobe is rather slim pickings since I’m not really a knitter.

I decided to slice the sweater up the front and then felt it in the washer and dryer to create a cardigan, but it just looked like an oversized men’s sweater when I put it on. Boring! I decided to try it on upside down and suddenly it turned into a fun shawl collar. I usually wear it with a cute pin or brooch to hold it closed at the front.

I love how just changing the orientation made me fall in love with this piece.

Slow Fashion October has gotten me thinking about my sewing history and planning a more thoughtful sewing future. While I’ve worked very hard over a long period of time to make the majority of my wardrobe, there is always more that can be done. I’m so thankful to Karen Templer for starting this important discussion. It’s a theme that I’ll be keeping close at hand going forward.

Sweater Refashion

Men's Hugo Boss Sweater felted & cut up the centre

Men's Hugo Boss Sweater turned upside down

Sweater Refashion