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365 : 3

365 : 3

365 : on top of my dresser

This photo gives you a bit of a sneak peek of my handmade Christmas gift from Andrew. It’s a gorgeous cedar jewelry box with grey wool felt lining. What you see is only a fraction of it, as it is about three feet long. The poor daytime lighting has prevented me from getting good detailed shots that show it off properly, but I’m working on it!

Also in this photo:

address file by lovely design
ceramic vase by nesting emily
crochet stone by resurrection fern
‘judy’ silkscreen print by alanna cavanagh
bunny drawing by sarah mcneil
wood + thread artwork by rosalyn faustino
benjamin bunny by old weston handmade wonders


I had been searching hi and lo for a copy of the elusive Australian Frankie magazine for a while and FINALLY found a copy a couple weeks ago. I was excited, but little did I know just how perfect this magazine is for me.

These are a mere 5 reasons that I love Frankie – issue 28:

1. Even just a small blurb about Audrey Kawasaki gets me excited.
2. Seeing a fun article and photo of my friend, Ben Kweller, who is a seriously crazy talented musician and all-around amazing guy.
3. I LOVE owls too!
4. Flowy, gathery smock tops.
5. There is a Sarah McNeil (maker of two bunny works that I now own) article and pull-out poster.

This is not to mention the perfect cover with sweet pintuck blouse, the article on Audrey Hepburn’s movies (Must see – Paris When It Sizzles), or the recipe for Chorizo Potato Salad (I really like potato salad).

I’m excited for issue #29. And the long weekend. the workroom will be closed on Sunday for the holiday, so I will have two days off in a row. All day gardening is on the agenda!


We were very lucky to have traveling artist, Sarah McNeil, at the Love & Rummage Trunk Show in February. The bunny brooch I bought from her is too cute for words, I love it so much. I’m so happy to say that Sarah will be vending at the Hunt & Gather Trunk Show on Sunday. I urge you to not miss out on seeing (and buying!) Sarah’s works in person before she heads off to other parts of the world.

In addition to all the lovely things she creates, I just learned that Sarah will do a commissioned portrait of your pet. That’s pretty damn hard to resist.

Continue to follow Sarah’s adventures on her blog, Everything.

What is your earliest memory?

Sarah : I was two and my Dad was dressed as Santa and helped me go to the bathroom. Only I thought he really was Santa.

I have heard that Toronto is only a temporary stop for you. When did you arrive? What/who/where have you fallen in love with here? (if anything)

Sarah : I arrived at the end of November. When I was just about here, looking down from the airplane window, there were multi-coloured reflections on the ground below. It was such a magical and different feeling. I loved the snow, the squirrels and now I love the spring birds.

I am also in love with poutine.

Where will your travels take you next?

Sarah : I’m off to Montreal at the beginning of May, then traveling around the US for a bit. Then I have no idea. I really want to start an art gallery in New Zealand, but I’m not sure if settling down should be too soon in the agenda.

Do you have a favourite way to start your day?

Sarah : Tea. Coffee (although I have been trying to cut down on that). Recently my hours have been a bit odd, waking up at 12pm or even 1pm, and then staying awake until 4am, but usually I like to wake up early(ish) and enjoy morning time too.

Is there anything you’ve been hunting for but have yet to find?

Sarah : Hmm… perhaps more good movies to see? I really like birds, and I haven’t seen a bluebird yet, or indigo bunting, or scarlet tanager, so I am kind of hunting for them with my eyes.

What will you be selling at the Hunt & Gather trunk show?

Sarah : Bird and animal brooches, drawings, prints, some sweaters that I can’t fit in my travel bag, a red beret, a black beret… a few other items too. I may or may not have time to make a few copies of my zine. I still haven’t decided what to bake for the “free delicious snacks” area either.


The grand finale to my weekend was the much anticipated Love & Rummage Trunk Show. I don’t think we realized how enticing the ‘rummage’ aspect was going to be. Everyone was so excited to scoop up the vintage fabrics, buttons, clothing, housewares and trims. I have to admit, so was I. I got the sweetest vintage hankie with squirrels and bunnies on it and a lovely piece of vintage floral fabric from Claire. I also got a super colourful Vera scarf from Margie, which I think will bring a little spring to these last winter days and a darling grey vintage blazer from Jen.

I think I now officially have a Trunk Show bunny tradition. I can’t seem to resist the bunny! At this show I picked up one of Sarah McNeil‘s crazy cute knit bunny brooches. Of course, I also got one of Margie’s (Resurrection Fern) crochet sea stones. I have been coveting those stones for a very long time.

We were blown away by the crowds that showed up right at noon and had a steady stream of people until we started closing up the trunks at 5pm. It was pretty incredible and exciting.

We got a lot of great press for this show, including that lovely article in the Toronto Star and mentions in The National Post, BlogTO, and Toronto Life. Many of you early birds also heard me on CBC radio’s Metro Morning on Friday with Jane Hawtin. It was a live chat, so I got up at 4:30am to be in the CBC studio for 5:30am! I didn’t realize that so many people listened to the radio so early in the morning. (while I’m usually fast asleep for a few more hours) It was really wonderful to meet all the people who discovered us through these mentions.

Since we never rest on our laurels over here, the end of a trunk show means the start of planning for the next one!