I had been searching hi and lo for a copy of the elusive Australian Frankie magazine for a while and FINALLY found a copy a couple weeks ago. I was excited, but little did I know just how perfect this magazine is for me.

These are a mere 5 reasons that I love Frankie – issue 28:

1. Even just a small blurb about Audrey Kawasaki gets me excited.
2. Seeing a fun article and photo of my friend, Ben Kweller, who is a seriously crazy talented musician and all-around amazing guy.
3. I LOVE owls too!
4. Flowy, gathery smock tops.
5. There is a Sarah McNeil (maker of two bunny works that I now own) article and pull-out poster.

This is not to mention the perfect cover with sweet pintuck blouse, the article on Audrey Hepburn’s movies (Must see – Paris When It Sizzles), or the recipe for Chorizo Potato Salad (I really like potato salad).

I’m excited for issue #29. And the long weekend. the workroom will be closed on Sunday for the holiday, so I will have two days off in a row. All day gardening is on the agenda!