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Patchwork Ipad Case

I bought myself an iPad about a month ago and the first thing I knew I needed was a case of some sort. I researched all kinds of hard cases but in the end I really couldn’t resist making one. I decided to try Shabby Chick’s tutorial which was very easy to follow. It would have been even easier if I hadn’t made it patchwork, but I’m really happy I took the extra time to do some improv piecing for this. There are some scraps from both my Swoon quilt & my Feather Bed quilt, along with a pretty pink Liberty scrap from Amanda in this case. Instead of batting, I used canvas inside for protection. On the inside I added a small patch pocket that I keep a little cloth to clean the screen with. I also decided to do snaps instead of velcro on the tab.

I love how this case turned out ALOT. Sometimes it’s the little things and the simple things that you end up loving so much.

The iPad was something I treated myself to as a pre-reward for working so hard on the workroom’s new website. For the last few months, I’ve been taking and editing photographs, organizing content and putting everything in place. The website just launched last week and I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. The stunning design is by Andrew Cloutier, who designs all the workroom’s graphic elements.

This website has been a dream of mine for so many years. I really wanted to have everything that the workroom embodies represented for all our local friends, but also our friends from far away. I am very excited that we now have a full web store that will include just about everything we sell in the store. This includes fabric!!! The shop is up and running, but we are adding new items to it every day. You may notice a couple of the store categories are empty right now. It will take us a little bit longer to be fully up to date, so keep checking back. I hope you’ll take some time to explore the site, there is so much to see!

Patchwork Ipad Case

Patchwork Ipad Case

Patchwork Ipad Case

Patchwork Ipad Case

Patchwork Ipad Case

Patchwork Ipad Case


holiday sale

We’re in the middle of our Holiday fabric sale! Perfect time to get supplies for your gift making and stash building. Practically all the fabric in the shop is included, with just a few exceptions (Outfoxed, Curio & Putting on the Ritz). Even these new adorable arrivals are on sale!

Art Gallery

Sarah Jane for Michael Miller

Sarah Jane for Michael Miller

Cosmo Cricket : Circa 1934

Sweetwater : Hometown


Spring Sale

I don’t know about you, but I want to sew about a hundred different things right now. (Even more than usual!) New projects need new fabric. This sale is for you friends!

365 : 95

365 : 95

April 5, 2010 of 365 : night time at the workroom

When the lights go out just before I go home at night, this is what the workroom looks like. I love the blue glow off the little neon sign and the street car zooming by.

I’m catching up with posting my 365 photos from April. This month has thrown me for a loop! Rather than continue to post every single photo here, I’m going to start posting just my favourites to the blog. You’ll still be able to follow all the photos on flickr. I want to get back to posting more crafty stuff.

365 :15

365 :15

365 : east wall of the workroom


Please excuse all the exposed seams and threads, I’m stitching up a new outfit for the blog and it’s a tricky one. Things might look funny or appear broken while I’m doing some testing. I’m switching back and forth between the new look and the old look while I figure it all out.

I’m also making my first upholstered cube! the workroom was filled with the sounds of tapping hammers today as we built the wooden bases. I can’t wait to see all these little cuties finished.


I’ve missed you!

I’ve been busying myself this week with many things, including a fall cleaning at the workroom and a coat room makeover. Next week, I promise you lots of photos and completed projects.

I also got a new camera. (As the ever observant Melissa noticed) I just LOVE it! My degree is in Media Arts from Ryerson and my major was photography. Having the workroom and a flickr account has re-ignited my love of the camera. I’ve been using a little Olympus point and shoot, which takes great photos but has some serious limitations. (mostly silly rechargeable batteries that last for 5 photos) I’ve been saving up for months to upgrade to an DSLR. I did tons of research and read everything I could, but I was pretty set on something in the Nikon D-range. In the end I chose the Nikon D40 rather than one of the new models and got myself a plush lens, a Sigma 17-70mm. The lens does macro, since I never tire of getting in close on the tiny details of things. As you can see, Maisy is already bored with me taking photos of her every move.

Laural and Jen from goodEGG Industries did a lovely Toronto City Guide on Poppy Talk that you should check out. It covers Queen East and Queen West and mentions the workroom. Thanks Jen!

Lastly, I watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl last night. Can we dish about Jenny’s makeover? the Blair & Chuck saga? the artist love interest for Serena? Blair’s huge collection of lingerie?

Have a scary, fun weekend! Don’t forget about Daylight savings on Saturday night. I always do and end up being late or early the day after.


I’ve been looking back at photos of the shop over the last year, I thought you might like to see how much things have changed since I first opened up last fall. In the beginning there were just four cubes of fabric shelving that were quite sparse. Look at how much the fabric collection has taken over in the last year! Most days, I wish there was even more space for more fabric. I suppose it’s good to have some limits, but don’t be surprised if you see some more shelving and more fabric soon. I can’t help myself.

I finally got some good photos of dress 13. In all the hectic-ness of the anniversary party, I didn’t get any suitable photos that showed off the pattern. I know I keep saying so, but it’s coming up soon!


This week the workroom turned one. Actually, today (October 17) is the day I opened to the public last year and made my first sale… to Johanna, the workroom’s quilting instructor. Thank you for coming by that day and buying some fabric from me, Johanna. I was so nervous cutting fabric for the first time! It was actually almost two weeks before I made my next sale. That was a bit nerve wracking.

Tuesday night was the anniversary party and I was just so overwhelmed at how many of you dropped by to say hi and celebrate this special occasion. I was even more overwhelmed by the fact that so many of you brought sweet gifts and beautiful cards! It will take me a few more days to send each of you my personal thanks, so I wanted to make sure you knew that it meant so much to me that you were there. Your thoughtful gifts and words remind me what a beautiful and vibrant crafting community the workroom supports. the workroom exists for you and because of you.

Thank you!


I just wanted to gush a little over the darling little coin purse I made in a class taught by Reva on Sunday. Figuring out how to make these purses with the metal frames was on ‘my crafty list of things to do’, so I was delighted when Reva proposed this as a class at the workroom.

I used fabric from Denyse Schmidt’s new line ‘County Fair’, it’s a heavier canvas weight perfect for home decor and accessories. The lining is a print of antique coupons by Anna Griffin.

These little purses use very little fabric, so you can make a few from just a fat quarter or make good use of your scrap stash. With all the different sizes of frames in the shop, I see a matching token purse, sunglass case and clutch bag in my near future.