I’ve missed you!

I’ve been busying myself this week with many things, including a fall cleaning at the workroom and a coat room makeover. Next week, I promise you lots of photos and completed projects.

I also got a new camera. (As the ever observant Melissa noticed) I just LOVE it! My degree is in Media Arts from Ryerson and my major was photography. Having the workroom and a flickr account has re-ignited my love of the camera. I’ve been using a little Olympus point and shoot, which takes great photos but has some serious limitations. (mostly silly rechargeable batteries that last for 5 photos) I’ve been saving up for months to upgrade to an DSLR. I did tons of research and read everything I could, but I was pretty set on something in the Nikon D-range. In the end I chose the Nikon D40 rather than one of the new models and got myself a plush lens, a Sigma 17-70mm. The lens does macro, since I never tire of getting in close on the tiny details of things. As you can see, Maisy is already bored with me taking photos of her every move.

Laural and Jen from goodEGG Industries did a lovely Toronto City Guide on Poppy Talk that you should check out. It covers Queen East and Queen West and mentions the workroom. Thanks Jen!

Lastly, I watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl last night. Can we dish about Jenny’s makeover? the Blair & Chuck saga? the artist love interest for Serena? Blair’s huge collection of lingerie?

Have a scary, fun weekend! Don’t forget about Daylight savings on Saturday night. I always do and end up being late or early the day after.