OH HI! How are you? I’ve been thinking about getting back to this blog (and more long form writing/documenting) for way too long. I’m going to dive right back in and I’ll circle back to some of the key highlights of the last six years that might need expanding on. HINT – I bought an old General Store in a small town called, Sprucedale.

This is my second Merchant & Mills Florence Top. I didn’t mean to make another one, but I had been watching the Merchant & Mills Pink Soda Dobby Cotton slowly dwindle off the bolt. I couldn’t resist taking the last 110 cm. I knew that having just over a metre meant I needed to find a smaller cute project. This fun fabric seemed like the perfect choice for that Florence Top frill. The pattern calls for 165 cm. With some creative folding, I was able to plan a layout that I was able to squeak it onto the fabric I had.

The Cotton Dobby is pretty sheer, so I knew I wanted to line the top. I used a peach cotton lawn from my stash. I cut out matching pieces for the front & back bodice pieces, assembled them and basted it to the main bodice.

The only other modification I made was to use metal snaps for the back closure rather than buttons. As much as I love buttons, I also really enjoy the simplicity of snaps. I always know that if I choose to add in snaps, it will ensure my project crosses the finish line sooner. These days, I will take all the advantages I can get.

Coincidentally, I had some freshly picked pink peonies from the garden that matched my outfit perfectly. I’m so thankful for the short but sweet couple weeks that the peonies show off.

I’m so happy to be back here. I’m looking forward to catching up with you in new/old ways. Welcome!

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