Today I decided to embark on a little photo project involving colour. I’m not exactly sure where it’s going to go, but I’m feeling the need to do some colour exploration.

Also, I’ve been wanting to try smocking since I wrote about Tinctory. Now that I’ve found this tutorial {via whip up}, it’s going on the list.

p.s. I couldn’t help myself. I just bought bought this as a birthday treat to myself. It’s not for a couple weeks, but hopefully it will arrive just in time.


  1. is that the french toast you had this morning? it looks yummy!
    i was about to leave a comment in your other post, to ask you to put up some photos. hehe.
    have you decided on your thanksgiving menu yet? you definitely need to write an entry on that! 🙂
    my sister and i want to bake our own bread and apple pie (actual homemade crust…because we normally buy premade crust) and butternut squash soup. AND we want to try out your macaroni recipe!

  2. melissa – that’s actually just plain toast with pear jam from my sunday breakfast. also yummy. thankfully, (lol) i don’t have to cook anything for thanksgiving – it’s my birthday, so i just get to enjoy my mom’s yummy cooking. your menu is impressive. let me know how the pie crust goes… i haven’t gotten the hang of that yet.

  3. Why oh why did you have to show me that beautiful smocking?! Pretty soon I will have so many items on my list of crafty things to do that I won’t have time to go to work…or possibly bathe.

  4. i missed quilt sunday because my dog was being needy and there was no one to watch her. i know it might sound stupid to non-dog-owners, but if i left her home alone she would howl the entire time and disturb my neighbours.

    happy almost birthday. i think it’s fun that we almost have the same one.

  5. melinda – it’s october 13th… actually the workroom & i share the same birthday! how fun is that?

    charlotte – perhaps people will be so distracted by all the gorgeous clothing and smocking you make that they won’t even notice that you’ve stopped bathing.

    angelune – doggie comes first. let’s try to make a play date for our dogs next monday. your birthday is october 10th?

  6. nope, it’s the 12th! just one day from yours. growing up i din’t know anyone with the same b-day, but a new friend (new since last b-day) sarah, has the exact same, same year and everything so we’ll have a combination party.

    yeah, doggie play date next monday! has to be after my work, so anytime after 6.

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