I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a weakness for Japanese cute, especially the fabric kind. Little Red Riding Hood, Hedgehogs, Lambs, and of course, Robots. I have never known a fabric to cause more of a stir than the Robot fabric. Which, by the way, is on order and I promise when it arrives to make a big announcement so that you can get a piece of it! I discovered Pandacub on etsy in the Shop Local section. Stephanie Caruso makes cute Japanese fabrics even sweeter by turning them into rings, magnets or bobby pins. Load up on these fun accessories at the Holiday Trunk Show this Sunday and you’ll be guaranteed a smile every time you look at them.

What is your creative background? Have you always been crafty?

Stephanie : I studied art and art history throughout high school and university, but never thought of it as a viable career (I come from a family of engineers, so, you know…). I ended up in a career in marketing and communications, so it’s as creative as I can get in my day job. As for being crafty, I think I always have been, but my choice of “craft” changes often. As a kid, my mom taught me to knit and also introduced me to Shrinky-Dinks, papier-mache and homemade play-doh.

How did you come about starting your sweet line of button accessories and selling them?

Stephanie : I fell in love with some really cute fabric button magnets a friend had bought and started investigating how to make them for myself. Unfortunately, I then developed a fabric obsession after seeing all these beautiful prints and ended up with lots of new buttons and nothing to do with them. So I started creating hair accessories and button rings, at first for myself, and then for others. I had already been on Etsy as a buyer for a while, so decided to take the plunge and open up a shop.

Do you have favourite sellers on etsy?

Stephanie : I have way too many favourite sellers on etsy, especially for supplies. But some of the “non-supply” shops I really want to blow my paycheque on are The House Of Mouse, Immortal Longings and Beastlies. I’m also a huge sucker for any shop that sells felt toy food. (I know, it’s weird)

What is at the top of your holiday wish list this year?

Stephanie : A new digital camera! My old one, which I’ve had for years, is quite large compared to the newer, sleeker ones, plus it has a broken battery latch, so it’s held together with a huge rubber band.