Janine at UpperCase Gallery has declared this week ‘typewriter week’, so I couldn’t resist posting a photo of my Underwood Portable typewriter. I’ve had it for ages and it’s one of my favourite possessions. I own many typewriters and much to my parents’ dismay they are all stockpiled in their basement. I had an uncontrollable habit of buying old typewriters from Goodwill when I was in university.

Uppercase put together a rockin’ exhibit of all things Old School. I only wish I had seen it in person. Old School, the book, just arrived at the workroom and I’m getting tons of inspiration flipping through the pages looking at everyone’s interpretations of the old school theme. The roster of participants is very impressive and includes Ray Fenwick, Jen Hsieh, Julia Rothman, Something’s Hiding in Here and Lisa Congdon. Oh yeah, you also get a cute old school pencil when you buy the book, perfect writing notes in class.

I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll be out enjoying the fall weather and eating my fair share of turkey and mashed potatoes.