I bought my Chie Mahara shoes from Anthropologie last year and since then, I’ve been receiving their catalog each month. Each issue is a keeper filled with tons of great ideas and things to covet. My favourite top right now is the one above with the cascading ruffle down the side. I can’t decide if I want them to come to Canada, it might be too dangerous for me.

{NOTE: after talking to Amy, I did some research and they’re definitely coming next year to Yorkville. On a positive note, I will no longer fear the exorbitant shipping costs. On a negative note, I will likely spend ten times as much money there because I no longer fear the exorbitant shipping costs.}

p.s. I should also mention that west elm just opened on King Street West at 109 Atlantic Avenue. It’s a huge store and I love the location. I’m putting their grey organic cotton sheets on my christmas list.