We just got back from Paris and amidst doing tons of laundry and trying to get back on track I wanted to post quickly about my favourite dog in the world. Monday was Maisy’s fourth birthday!

I thought I’d share some puppy photos. The top photo is the first photo I ever saw of her, in the background you can see her brothers and her mother’s tail.

I asked Maisy a few questions and here’s what she had to say…

What’s your background?

Maisy : I was born up near Ottawa in a pound near Almonte. My mom was part Collie and part Walker Hound. I never met my dad, so part of me is a mystery. It’s fun to hear what people think I am though. I was the only girl with about four brothers. I wish I knew where they went. I’d love to see them again.

What are some of your favourite things?

Maisy : I really like sandwiches, resting my head on the front window ledge of the shop, raspberries, all my friends at the workroom, running in the park, stuffed animals (especially my new beaver!), sleeping on the couch, lying in the sun, going to Home Hardware, finding something good to eat in the garbage and having a bone in the backyard.

What don’t you like?

Maisy : I really don’t like dogs that wear clothes, strangers who lurk in the doorway, baths, medicine of any kind and all the cats in our neighborhood.

Do you have any favourite tricks that you do?

Maisy : The usual. I’ll shake a paw (left & right), sit and lie down, especially if there are treats involved. I can also high five you with my nose and I know how to close the door when I come in from the backyard. I’m trying to learn to cut fabric, but it’s not that easy!

Now that you’re four years old, what’s next?

Maisy : Things are pretty great. I work customer service and security full time at the workroom, but I’m hoping to cut back on my hours for the summer and spend more time running around the park.