dear accidental joy by Rosalyn Faustino

I first met Rosalyn at a Quilt Sunday. She showed up with pieces of cedar wood, thread, nails and a tiny hammer. I was completely enthralled by her work. Soon after she agreed to do a window installation for the workroom. It is the first of many artist installations in those lovely bay windows, I hope.

ceedlings is made up of found frames, tiny nails and thread. dear accidental joy is comprised of dozens of little sculptures that are crocheted out of gold wire. Rosalyn’s work is delicate, fine and intriguing. I have been lucky to experience it every day for the last few weeks. I love watching it change as the daylight passes over it, not only creating wonderful shadows, but also lovely metallic glitterings (my own word) when the sun shines, just so.

ceedling by Rosalyn Faustino

What is your first crafty memory?

ROSALYN : I think my first real crafty love was cross-stitching. I remember cross-stitching everywhere I went, I felt so hardcore. At the same time, I remember going to the Calgary’s local hobby shop with my family and I was totally into painting figurines and playing with hama beads.

You recently graduated from which Art program?

ROSALYN : I recently graduated from the Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto in Mississauga and Sheridan College, specializing in Sculpture.

What do you feel is the most important thing you learned from your school experience?

ROSALYN : In my last year of university, I was having a conversation with one of my mentors and he told me to take what I have and just experience it. I’ve learned to trust my gut and allow the processes to guide me. The book, “Letters to a Young Artist” by Peter Nesbett, Sarah Andress and Shelly Bancroft was also been pretty inspiring to read while I was in school.

Do you have a term for the ‘thread weaving’ you do? (ie with the wooden frames and nails)

ROSALYN : Total random thread weaving! It’s kind of funny because once I got more involved with the crafty world, I would find books on weaving – and online images like this. It’s pretty interesting that I never knew about it sooner! I loved the idea of layering different colours to give it dimension, it was almost like I was drawing the grains of the wood.

Can you explain the titles of the pieces you did for the window?

ROSALYN :  Creating titles for pieces are probably the most hardest part for me to make! ceedling came from my interest in trees and wood grain. This project initially began in my fourth year when I was at Home Depot. I was on a search for scraps of wood – there’s something about found wood that makes it more unique than perfectly cut pieces. I ended up finding a huge stash of cedar shingles with tons of imperfections and knots in each piece of wood. I went home and played around with material in my sewing box. I became really passionate about this type of thread weaving and this title best suited my creative growth.

dear accidental joy is directly related towards this opportunity of making something larger than I have ever made before. (Thanks Karyn for the opportunity!)

What would be your dream commission/installation?

ROSALYN : After setting this up for your shop, getting an opportunity to do other window installations would be pretty amazing. I would love to do something for the Harbourfront. A few of my mentors at Sheridan told me to check out the Tree Museum and maybe display something in an outdoorsy space.

What is your favourite thing to have for breakfast?

ROSALYN : Mmm great question, in reality, I’m always rushing in the mornings…so I usually miss it and just have lunch.

But! If I do go all out on breakfast, I’ve got a few favourites…because I love love love breakfast food – I can have it any time of day! First off, it definitely has to include bacon (reminds me of my dad cooking on Sunday mornings), over-easy eggs, and pumpernickel toast. If we go out and eat breakfast, I like the smoked salmon with eggs benedict with no capers OR the french connection (french toast, bacon, eggs) at Sunset Grill. I’m all about the big breakfast!

p.s. With all this thread talk, I have to post this amazing link to a lined notebook made with thread! {via Supernaturale}

dear accidental joy by Rosalyn Faustino


  1. roz is awesome! her pieces are totally magical and beautiful. her dear accidental joy one reminds me of floaty jellyfish.

    the lined notebook with thread is pretty wicked

  2. 🙂 your “glitterings” make my soul happy. i am filled to the brim with the warmth of your glow. how i wish i could be there to experience your first window installation! oh yes, i recall your unremitting & borderline obsessive cross-stitch phase…

    hearts hearts hearts, lovely sister.

  3. I was mesmerized by the radiance and beauty of your dear accidental joy…Amazing… That was indeed a great work of art.
    The work you did with the ceedling was intricately exquisite and delicate…well done, Rosalyn !!!

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