Karyn's Leather Clutch

Liberty of London Summer Challenge : Project 3
Leather Clutch with ‘Mirabelle’ Tana Lawn Cotton Lining

I’m not exactly sure how many snap coin purses have been made at the workroom, but besides the ‘Sewing Machine Essentials‘ class, it’s definitely been our most popular one. The next logical version was to do a clutch purse. To make it even more exciting, Reva thought to make it out of re-purposed leather. It’s a great use for all those thrift store leather jackets out there. One jacket can go a very long way.

I haven’t done a lot of sewing with leather, but I did make myself a simple leather wallet a couple years ago. There are a few tricks to learn to do it right. I used a simple black leather taken from a jacket that has really nice texture. For the lining, you need less than a fat quarter, so this is the perfect place to splurge on a really nice fabric. I chose the Liberty of London Mirabelle print, which we have finally received a replacement bolt of (the first bolt arrived damaged). This print is so pretty! I’ll definitely be making a dress or blouse from it as well. Just as soon as I can find the right pattern for it.

I’m also going to use this pattern to make some non-leather clutches, as well. This is the perfect size for an evening out and we’ve got a wedding to go to in August, that I’m contemplating creating a fancy dress for. (Liberty of London with matching clutch?)

I discovered a place in San Fransisco called ReMade USA that makes all their bags out of old jackets and leather scraps. This gives me great inspiration for some other re-purposed leather projects.