My head hasn’t been in it for the last week. If you’ve been anywhere near the workroom you’ll have heard my sad computer tale by now. The shop’s iMac died last Tuesday. For almost a week, I thought we had lost most of our data and I thought I was going to have to pay about $1000 to have a data recovery specialist try to retrieve it. Stupidly, the last time I had backed up was six months ago. It’s amazing how much we depend on computers and how valuable that information is. (sales, inventory, contacts, purchasing, accounting, documents, photos, music, etc!)

LUCKILY, I had an extended warranty on the computer and after trying for a week to repair the iMac, the Apple store decided to replace it with a brand new computer AND they were able to save and transfer my entire hard drive over!! Whooo! I cannot tell you how lucky (and relieved) I’m feeling right now.

The moral of this story is BACK UP YOUR DATA! I’ve already bought an external hard drive and set it to back up once a day. Plus, I’m buying a flash drive to keep in my bag for the most important files.

I’ll be celebrating this weekend by binging on sewing. I’ve got a line up of projects I’m itching to work on and I can’t wait to show you what I make.

Photos from the garden always make me feel good. Happy Friday, friends!

  • can’t wait to get these! via oliver + s: Fall patterns unveiled
  • love this DIY project! via Design*Sponge: before & after featuring a found door turned into a great outdoor table:
  • preview of denyse schmidt’s upcoming fabric collection, ‘hope valley‘. i foresee buying this entire collection.
  • i hope one day i get to eat here
  • love the print work! via Design*Sponge: here’s a roundup of textile & furniture work from students in copenhagen
  • really great information here for artists about copyright
  • i love this idea. via Design*Sponge: my new favorite key ring = amy’s vintage hotel key ring (how-to included)
  • OMG, the first dress in this post is incredible and uses all kinds of natural dyes. read the description!




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  • OH Karyn – what a nightmare with your computer. I am so glad it got resolved for you. I hope you have a perfect weekend of sewing – you deserve it after that scare!

  • Let us know when you get the new Oliver + S patterns!


  • Hey Karyn, I’m so glad they replaced your computer for you and were able to recover everything, what a major relief! I finally finished the quilt last night, the hand binding was not going well at all – I’ll need to take a class to master that one. I gave in and machine stitched it, but I’m very happy with the results, and just in time for the BBQ tomorrow!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend full of sewing!!

  • Somehow I (Me!) had forgotten about GG. How is that possible?
    Well, good to know my life maybe go on come September 14th.
    “take yr American girl hair and yr pore less skin and get out’, indeed.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    see you sunday!

  • i’m sorry about your computer issues !! def. back it up!!! i learned it the hard way. but i am happy your computer worked out ok in the end! yay!!!

    thanks for the linkages! that cupcake/donut would be really delicious right now! yumyumm…ohh with icecream! *droool*

  • Doughnuts and cupcakes?!! Somebody pinch me!

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