HELLO! I accidentally took a little blog holiday. I’ve been super busy working on several big projects. One of them is the upcoming Kids Trunk Show. Ohh, it’s going to be soo good.

The other major project is the workroom’s backyard. I just had a stone patio installed and am doing some serious gardening back there. (with the help of my dad, Alison & Jerisse) Here are a few sneak peek shots for now. Wait ’til you see our new outdoor space!

  • I’ve been thinking i need to make something like this for maisy!
  • can’t wait for this movie! Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland trailer!
  • prettiest plum-y & pleated hem skirt
  • paris. the girl. the bike. those shoes. the hat. that dress. the sartorialist.
  • oh no. heather ross won’t be designing anymore fabric for a while! how can this be?
  • i’ve just discovered boro – japanese mended and patched textiles
  • this is the coolest subscription – 25 coloured pencils a month to create a 500 coloured pencil set (via notcot)
  • bittersweet chocolate scones!
  • shipping container homes… i really like these (via notcot)