Stylish Dress Book nani IRO Mountain View


Stylish Dress Book : Tunic ‘B’
nani IRO Neon Mountain View Double Gauze Cotton

I just realized it’s been a really long time since we’ve had nani IRO at the workroom. I’ll try not to let that happen again. This fabric just makes people happy.

It seems to be a tradition of mine to make this particular pattern from nani IRO. The very first version I made was exactly SIX years ago!

I love this simple top, it’s so easy to wear and incredibly comfortable. My favourite detail is definitely the sleeves. I love a puffy sleeve! I really like how this sleeve is two parts. If you’re making this pattern from the untranslated version of Stylish Dress Book, this can be the one tricky part. When you’re tracing out the pattern piece for the lower sleeve, you need to add in 10 cm to the width of the piece to add the fullness.

This collection has so many fun pops of neon, perfect for the coming winter months when things get very grey. I always find myself choosing brighter prints when the days get shorter. There is more nani IRO on the way for the new year, it’ll be a good mid winter pick me up!

I also made a pair of nani IRO pants using the 101 Trouser pant pattern. It’s already too cold to wear them, but I’ll try to get in some photos of them soon.

p.s. I ironed this top twice before taking these photos, but double gauze is wrinkly & comfy like that.

Stylish Dress Book 'B' : nani IRO

Stylish Dress Book 'B' : nani IRO

Stylish Dress Book 'B' : nani IRO

Stylish Dress Book 'B' : nani IRO

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