I’ve had an over-sized zip clutch on my wish list for a while now. I’ve pinned quite a few, like this one and this one on Pinterest. Essentially, this is really just a simple zippered pouch, so there’s really no reason not to make one. I couldn’t decide on the fabric, it had to be the perfect one. I wanted to use a canvas rather than leather, but I didn’t have any that I liked for this project.

I decided to embark on a little natural dyeing adventure to create the fabric for this project. Luckily, we have had everything I needed at the workroom from our Natural Dyeing classes. I put a pot on the stove and started cooking! I dyed a large piece of organic cotton canvas and a piece of Kona white cotton. I started with Myrobalan, which is both a dye and a mordant. This turned the fabric yellowish. Next up was Logwood. This turned the fabric a brownish grey. Since I wanted something a bit more lively, I ended with a quick dip in Cochineal that brought out pretty lavender/purple shades. I haven’t done a lot of dyeing on my own, so I was really happy with the results.

Sewing the clutch was pretty simple once I figured out the size that I wanted it to be.

I love to add hidden details to my projects, so I put a silver foil heart on the inside lining. I know that will make me smile whenever I peek into this clutch.

Natural Dyed Zip Clutch

Natural Dyed Zip Clutch

Natural Dyed Zip Clutch

Natural Dyed Zip Clutch

Natural Dyed Zip Clutch


  1. wow!!! Ive never thought to make such a stylish (and useful) oversized zippered pouch! And it could easily have a cross body shoulder strap to turn it into a purse! I live this!! Great dye job.

  2. what a lovely shape and size–so perfect! love the dye journey it took to get this color and pattern, too. sounds like it got better and better.

  3. oh, so good!! I’ve been planning on making a clutch too for ages but wasn’t sure what size it should be. Would you mind sharing what the measurements of yours is?

  4. I love the feel of this one, I killed mine! I much prefer the soft faded look, without the use of pleather 🙂 Wish I lived in Canada so I could take some of your classes! Where/how did you do the heart?

  5. Lovely! Every time I visit your blog I want to dye fabric 🙂

    And I was a bit surprised by the size of the clutch in the last photo, but I love it, and the little heart of course.

    Awesome work.

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