Something very exciting seems to be happening out there, I can feel it in the air … people are wanting to quilt. As a ‘quilt shop’ owner, this is especially exciting. Mostly because from my vantage point I can witness the birth of these creations from the first selections of fabric. Then weeks, months later I get to see the amazing finished results.

I am far from being a quilter myself. I have yet to complete one quilt. Perhaps this seems a bit crazy to you, but when I was planning the workroom, I was planning a place where I could teach you the things that I know and where you would teach me the things that you know. I have known for a long time that quilting was something that I wanted to learn and I hoped it was something that you wanted to learn too.

Claire has been talking about starting her next quilt. Her blue and white quilt was a joy to watch come together. Anabela is planning her first quilt as a wedding gift and picking out fabrics and a pattern. Quilt Sunday is coming up this weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s work in progress and new projects.

With all this, I suddenly realized that I actually finished my queen-sized quilt top during the summer, but forgot about it! I pulled it out this morning, ironed it and took some photographs. I love the way it turned out. It’s so fun to see how all the blocks that I spent so long agonizing over came together. Now that quilting season seems to be starting up, I’m going to get going on doing a simple pieced back. I’d like to spend the winter hand quilting this while I watch Gossip Girl. (and I’d like to start working on another quilt, of course.)