Wiksten Tank

Tank Top Sewing Pattern by Wiksten
Liberty of London : Kerry’s Flock print Tana Lawn Cotton
Photographed at the Extended Stay Deluxe in Madison, WI

Hello from Madison, Wisconsin!

I haven’t been here for ages, so we have lots to catch up on. I’m going to focus on the little things first and work up to the bigger things, if that’s okay. It feels easier to talk about this new tank top rather than the life changing things that have happened in 2012. We’ll get to that stuff.

It’s true though – Andrew, Maisy & I are living out in Madison, Wisonsin for a month. I prefer to tell that story with photos right now, so you can visit my personal flickr site which is updated everyday. In particular, the Madison photo set starts right at the beginning.

I have quite a few sewing projects that I’ve completed in the last little while. I brought a bunch of them along on this trip to photograph in Madison and share with you. Plus, I have my sewing machine with me! Having my Bernina with me is the best and I’m working on several new projects.

Being on the road, my Wiksten tank tops have been in constant rotation. With jeans or shorts, they are the perfect thing to wear in any situation. This Liberty version using the Kerry’s Flock print is the newest addition to the collection. The lightweight tana lawn cotton is heaven to sew with and wear.

By now, it seems like everyone has tried this pattern. If not, you should! We have both of Jenny Gordy’s Wiksten patterns available at the workroom now (both online and in our shop on Queen Street). We can hardly keep them in stock, they sell so quickly. The patterns were just mentioned in this week’s THE GRID article on the workroom and some of our most favourite items.

My growing collection of Wiksten tanks includes this Paris Map version and this Martha Negley version. Many, many more to come.

Wiksten Tank

Wiksten Tank

Wiksten Tank

Wiksten Tank


  1. Dear Karyn, we are thinking of Maisy and hope she will be perfectly fine really soon.

    Thank you for sharing her pics with us. We love seeing her!

    Love all your Wiksten tanks as well, especially the fabrics you are choosing for them.

    Hugs from Toronto

  2. Best wishes and serious admiration from a complete stranger in San Francisco! I have never had the pleasure of meeting your beloved girl, but I too hope she’s perfectly well very soon. She is obviously loved to the moon and back by many. (Oh, love the tank too 🙂 — I’m inspired to actually bust out the pattern and make one. Finally.)

  3. Thinking good thoughts about your sweet Maisy. She deserves a beautiful quilt, lovingly stitched. That will make her well for sure.

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