Grainline Studio : Tiny Pocket Tank
Mystery Food print in Cotton Lawn from the Cotton + Steel Tokyo Train Ride collection

I’ve made so many Wiksten Tanks that I haven’t been in a rush to try any other tank patterns. I thought this cute octopus print would be perfect for a summer tank and for a new tank experiment.

I was excited about the prospect of the darts to get a more shapely fit. I could tell right away when I looked at the darts on the pattern that they were too big for me. I double checked online and the pattern is drafted for a B-cup, so I thought I would be able to just reduce it by half and call it a day. I didn’t quite like how that looked so I reduced it a bit more. As I was reading online about other people’s pattern adjustments, I decided that rather than dissecting the pattern any further I would just stay with my dart adjustment and finish it up so I could get to wearing it.

I enjoyed all the extra details on the bias trim like clipping notches and understitching to make things lay flat. Plus, the curved hem of this pattern is much easier to stitch since it is not as severe as the Wiksten. Even though I love a good pocket matching challenge, I decided to leave off the tiny pocket because of all the extra stitching it took to get the dart just right.

I know a lot of people find the fit of the Wiksten Tank doesn’t work for them and likely this pattern might be better. Has anyone else made both? What are your thoughts?

I’m happily putting this cute tank into my wardrobe rotation right away!

Tiny Pocket Tank : Tokyo Train Ride

Tiny Pocket Tank : Tokyo Train Ride