Bloor Street Underpass
Bloor Street Underpass, originally uploaded by the workroom.

Things like this make me smile on a daily basis. A huge and detailed mural was recently painted on the south side of the underpass just west of Lansdowne on Bloor Street West. It’s really quite pretty, mixing wallpaper imagery with trees, leaves and pine cones. I’m assuming that this is a sanctioned art piece, as it was put up gradually over a couple weeks, during the day. I walk along the underpass everyday and I think this is a brilliant way to improve a some-what unpleasant piece of the urban landscape.

I’m obsessed with the graffiti artist, Banksy. I wonder how much of this article is true. {via NOTCOT}

Also – Ellie told me about this a while ago, I really want to try it. I think this would be a good project for the workroom’s garden.

p.s. It’s my day off and it’s sunny, so I’m spending the day outside!

{AN ADDED NOTE – I did my research on the underpass artist, it’s Richard Mongiat. There is a great posting here about the project. Read through to the comments, I was really disappointed to hear people’s negative reactions to the lack of colour in the mural. I personally think that’s why it’s so refreshing.}