Family Photos

I have to give my brother, Mark, credit this year for coming through on some excellent gift ideas for our parents. For our father, an ipod dock for his newish car. For our mother, pictures of the two of us in a cute digital picture frame.

It’s not the first time we’ve given this gift, but the last time was likely over eight (or more!) years ago. I do know that last time we used film. As we get older and into decades past our Sears portrait years, it’s really special to have these fun images of the two of us together.

My brother’s girlfriend, Jerisse, was sweet enough to do the photo shoot for us. She shot over 200 pictures and so many of them turned out really great. Last time we just set up a tripod in the forest and used a remote control. (Also, lots of fun!) We’ll have to remember to do it again sooner. It ends up being a treasured gift for all of us.

Family Photos


  1. Wow, what wonderful photos Karyn! I love them, you guys look so much a like! it’s awesome.

    you look like you could be an ad for some cool hipster downtown store. cool!

    my brothers aren’t so cool and not so sure if they would ever do this, so i could only dream!

  2. K, I LOVE this. I totally remember the forest pics – What a wonderful companion piece.
    ps. i show everyone my snap purse. I am such a gloater. “Look what my friend made!” Oooh snap! [hahahahah, oh puns]

  3. Awwwwwwwwww, what an incredibly sweet gift for your parents. I bet they were over the moon when they opened up this gift.

    These pics are great. I love the one of you both laughing. Just puts a smile on my face

    So nice of you to share these pictures. Thanks!

  4. So cute! That is sweet of you to share these. Adorable. I’m inspired to do something similiar now! And I noticed your new installation in the window as I drove by yesterday — it looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to pop in to the shop again soon. I’m on some crazy knitting bender!

  5. i love the pictures of you and your brother! i bet your mom was so happy with them. i hope my kids will do that for me when they’re grown up!

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