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365 : 116

365 : 116

April 27, 2011 : vintage kimono patchwork table runner

I recently brought out one of my most favourite things I’ve ever made. It’s a table runner that I made in a class taught by Denyse Schmidt at Make in NYC. This was years and years ago, before the workroom was even a twinkle in my eye. Denyse supplied all the materials, so I ended up making something I never would have chosen for myself but I’m still (to this day) so in love with it. You can’t really see, but it is backed with a solid mustard fabric. Brilliant. I never would have created this on my own! It is such a gift to learn from others around you.

I think I also love that it reminds me to try something different.


Karyn's Buzz Saw Quilt Fabrics

It’s time to choose fabrics for another quilt. It’s one of the hardest/funnest parts. For some reason it is so much easier when I’m helping someone else choose their fabrics.

These fabrics are for our new quilting class, the Buzz Saw Quilt. I got especially excited when I realized that the Banksy print over our couch has a buzz saw in it AND we could definitely use a bigger quilt for the couch. It couldn’t be more perfect.

After a lot of thinking, I’ve decided to do a very tonal quilt in dark and light greens. Our couch is dark espresso brown and there are touches of dark green in the room, including curtains in one of Tula Pink’s scalloped Neptune fabrics.

All my green fat quarters are now pre-washed and I’m ready to get started on yet another quilt. I think I’m going for the world record of ‘most quilts on the go’!

Super Weston Mare

Super Weston Mare

365 : 60

365 : 60

March 1, 2010 of 365 : andrew’s vintage jean beliveau hockey game.

This photo seemed quite appropriate the day after Canada won gold in hockey (again) at the Olympics.


My Desk/Dining Room Table

I was tagged by Constança to show my desk, which also happens to be my dining room table. At the end of each night (or so) I clear the table off until my next sewing session. This is probably best, because I would have one of those desks that was full of piles and overly messy.

I took these photos over the course of a weekend, so you can see me jump from project to project.

Photo 1 : Working on a plaid cotton quilt top for a Christmas gift, eating Coconut Liberte Yogourt and drinking hot chocolate
Photo 2 : Drafting a shoo-fly block for another new quilt using my French General jelly roll
Photo 3 : Adding the Mokuba trim to my new blue tunic
Photo 4 : Checking out flickr with my new Shinzi Katoh agenda and drinking hot chocolate (drinking hot chocolate seems to be mandatory when working, I am drinking some right now)

I’m usually the worst person to tag for these things, but I was determined to get my act together for this one. The three people whose desks I’d like to see are – Lauren, Ayalah & Rosalyn. You are meant to show your desk/working space as it is, without any editing or styling and then tag three more people. If anyone else out there wants to play along, just post a link here to a photo of your desk. (the messier the better!)

I hope you have a lovely weekend, friends. I’m making great progress with my holiday gift making. I won’t be able to tell you about a lot of it until after Christmas, but I’ve got a few projects that should be ‘safe’ to share with you.

My Desk/Dining Room Table

My Desk/Dining Room Table

My Desk/Dining Room Table


Our trip was fantastic. I’m starting to sort through all my pictures (not quite a billion, more like 500) and thoughts, there’s so much to tell! I’ll be posting lots of little individual posts all about Paris over the next couple weeks sprinkled in with my regular postings.

One of the nicest things was knowing that everything was in such great hands while we were away. Our lovely neighbours kept an eye on our house and picked up our mail. (and then delivered it upon our arrival all sweetly bundled up) Maisy stayed with Debbie and apparently charmed her entire family. Classes were taught by Reva, Johanna, Erin and Kristiann. While my special ‘workroom girls’ – Debbie, Jerisse and Ayalah kept the show running smoothly at the shop.

It’s amazing to be back home.


I’m asking you to use a bit of your imagination for this one.

I’ve been trying to photographically capture the magic of my homemade blackboard with very little luck over the last month. I will do my best to describe it and perhaps you can envision it in your mind’s eye.

This project was done a couple years ago, but since I mentioned it the other day, I’ve been wanting to share it with you. I had originally imagined having a huge blackboard hanging in the dining room. Rather than just painting blackboard paint directly on the wall, I wanted it to be an actual hanging piece. I walked around the corner to the lumber yard (which has sadly since moved away) and requested their thickest MDF, cut down to 6′ x 4′. I chose MDF because of its super smooth surface, normally I’m not a fan. Of course, it hadn’t occurred to me just how heavy this thick piece of lumber would be. Luckily, the lumber yard fellows had more common sense than I and lent me their large dolly to shuttle my heavy load home. Luckily, one of them also followed me home to help heave it up the steps of the porch. I have a long history of lugging heavy things around town.

The huge board was painted with a few coats of black chalkboard paint and then I quickly realized that it was way too heavy to just hang on a wall. Thus, the blackboard simply leans against the wall. If you attempt this project, I highly recommend doing a smaller, more manageable size and forgoing thickness for thinness. I bought a tiny set of twinkle lights from Urban Outfitters and Andrew drilled a series of holes in the blackboard in a random constellation pattern along the top right corner. The holes were then painted in with the black paint. The lights were wired along the back of the blackboard and secured in each hole. Voila! A lovely twinkling night sky in our dining room, upon which we can write our grocery list, draw our Christmas tree and remind ourselves which movies we want to rent next. I wish you could see it in person, my photos don’t capture its charm.

I must wish dear Charlotte, ‘Bon Voyage!’, as she leaves us to go home to New Zealand today. You will be terribly missed around the workroom! Please eat a package of Tim Tams for me upon your arrival.

{NOTE : The type canvases that sit on top of the black board were done by Andrew using Letraset rub on letters. Clever Melinda figured out that they represent our intitials – Karyn, Andrew & Maisy.}