The chilly fall nights have me craving warm comfort food. Macaroni and cheese made from scratch always leaves me feeling completely content. The recipe I use is from Martha Stewart. Her recipe is meant for 12 people, so I usually divide the recipe in half and still have leftovers.

I’ve been making this recipe for many years and it is one of the things people always remember when they think of me. To some, I am ‘the girl who makes that Macaroni & Cheese’. This dish is so delicious that I am often specifically requested to bring it to potluck dinners. One girl told me that years after she had it, she dreamt about it and hoped I would make it for her once again.

The cheese sauce is flavoured with Gruyere cheese and Old Cheddar. Don’t substitute the Gruyere for something else, this nutty flavour is key. There is also a bit of nutmeg and cayenne pepper in the sauce that gives it a slight and unexpected kick. What sets the whole thing off is the bread topping. Don’t skimp here on the buttery bread (pile it high) and put extra grated cheese over the whole thing. This bakes into an amazing crispy, cheesy coating that could be a heavenly dish in itself.

If you have a similar ‘legendary dish’ you’d like to share, I’d love to mix up my cheesy repertoire and be known for something else.