It must be abundantly clear that the way to my heart is through my sweet tooth. Lo and behold another sweet treat was hand delivered to my doorstep a couple days ago in an box. Not books, but a homemade apple tart made by Reva. Of course the best time to enjoy such things is for breakfast. Why stop there? Why not add some cream with vanilla bean and raw sugar? Yes, thank you, I will!

The recipe comes from Orangette and is as easy as can be. Skimming through her other recipes, I’ve marked down these ones to try out myself – Banana-Coconut Bread, French Chocolate Granola, Fresh Mint Ice Cream and Soba with Peanut-Citrus Sauce. (the last one is so that you know I eat things that are not classified as dessert too)

I don’t know about you but once I start looking at recipes, I can’t stop. I’ll pore through cookbooks and food blogs bookmarking dozens of recipes and making myself extremely hungry. It’s a strange form of torture.