Wow, I had the best time on Friday reading all your comments and ‘meeting’ many of you for the first time. Hello! Each of you shared really meaningful lessons and I’m so grateful for the time you took to participate.

The lucky winner of the snap coin purse is commenter #62 – Tammy!


I’m really excited about this coming year, contrary to the ‘doom & gloom’ tone that seems to be everywhere. I’m feeling buoyed by the amazing community I feel around the workroom and the blogosphere. When I look around, I’m so inspired by you and each of your individual talents. I’m determined to find a good balance between working hard and relaxing and staying in good health. I’m excited to learn as much as I can and to share it with you. Even the hard challenges we will be presented with this year will be opportunities for us to get closer to the life we want, I’m so sure of this.

Not to mention, there seems to be an abundance of good news these days, including some wonderful engagements. Congratulations to sweet Anabela & Geoff! And also to Jen & Kyle, who got engaged on their way to the Nine Patch quilting class before the holidays!