Sorry about the teaser the other day, I was just so excited that I had to share a wee bit. Here are the beginnings of my idea. I’ve been wanting to cross stitch into wood for a while, of course the thought of drilling hundreds of tiny holes (in a perfect grid formation) into wood does not appeal to anyone. Luckily, the workroom possesses a magical machine called a laser cutter. (That statement alone deserves its’ own post)

After a little computer fiddling, I came up with a few very simplistic designs. I hope to refine them much more. These wooden cross stitch pendants are tiny little canvases that you can stitch little designs or monograms into. How fun! I’m just learning about cross stitch patterns, so my first one is just a simple heart. If you look closely, you’ll see it’s not symmetrical.

In my cross stitch research, I came across the site, Radical Cross Stitch which is full of fun, modern cross stitching. I especially love the Banksy cross stitch. Hmm, embroidered graffiti…

Also, the Antique Pattern Library is a huge (free!) online resource for vintage needlework patterns, including knitting, crochet and embroidery. There are hours of fun there.

Of course, now my mind is racing with a thousand ideas and it’s keeping me up late at night!

UPDATE : You can now buy these wooden cross stitch pendants here!!


  1. karyn i love these!!! i would so wear it!
    i used to cross stitch when i was a kid and totally loved it! (except when you make mistakes which throws off the entire pattern).
    i still have all my dmc skeins which are older than my younger siblings.

  2. loves it! i noticed the pendant last night, but dared not say anything un-quilt-related, lest i fall behind in my project:) it’s a super fantastic thing though.

  3. OH. This post has got me very, VERY excited! I’ve wanted to cross-stitch in wood for a while too and would LOVE to buy some blank canvasses from you if/when you sell them!

  4. That pendant is great! I would be interested in purchasing blank canvases as well if you decide to sell some 🙂

  5. hi there,

    neat project! i would LOVE to purchase the blank pendants if possible. hope you’ll be selling them soon!

    keep up the great work 🙂

  6. I desperately love these. Did you decide not to sell them? If you do sell them, I’m so there! Honestly, you could just sell the pendants and let people put whatever designs they’d like on them. I’m sure it would be a hit!!!

  7. Karyn,
    This is exactley what i need for my wedding, 10/2/10. Are these for sale…blanks? If so, I need about 40.


  8. I’m super late on this post, but did you ever end up selling the blank canvases? If so, please let me know! Love the idea. Thanks!

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