Misc. Nine

These are the vintage tins I picked up a couple weeks ago at St. Lawrence. The graphics and colour palette on the cigarette tin are so awesome. I have not idea what I’ll put in this tin, as it is very slim. I couldn’t resist picking up the orange nesting tins from Japan because they are so fetching and in perfect condition. I don’t think they were ever even used!

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Misc. Nine

Misc. Nine

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  • cigarette tins are very good to put loose and sheet stamps in. now that canada post’s rate hikes are a yearly occurrence, it makes sense to have such a thing around.

  • Love that cigarette tin! Might be good for paper clips & such?

  • oh WOW – i had (what i think was) the exact same cigarette tin as a little girl. i kept crayons in it! it was definitely a think sweet caporal tin, the excise sticker was in the same spot…the only thing i’m not sure of is whether the kinney bros logo was the same. that is a total blast from the past!

    ahh, the seventies – when children kept their crayons in cigarette tins… :)

  • These tins are great! Can’t tell exactly how big the cigarette tin is, but I’ve made similar ones into awesome belt buckles. It doubles as a great place to store cash & key for a night out! You can attach a buckle blank to the back pretty easily. I have a tutorial on my blog: http://tinyurl.com/ylbv9ul

  • what great ideas for these tins! i forsee myself buying many more.

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